Flash advice for nikon F65 - vivitar 730AF

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Jan Keirse, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. Jan Keirse

    Jan Keirse Guest


    I've got a question. Last week I bought a Nikon F65. I'm extremely
    happy with it. However the build in flash is (obviously) pretty
    useless in virtually any situation. Although I prefer not to use flash
    it does occur however that Fast film just isn't enough.
    Therefore I'm looking for a flash to accompany it. The SB800 would
    probably be the best choice (I've taken this:
    http://jankeirse.free.fr/laurence.jpg image with it (using a D2H from
    my photography teacher)).
    The problem is that the flash costs 500 euro, far above my budget.
    I'm therefore looking for an alternative, I can buy a Vivitar 730AF
    for 100 euro, wich seams reasonable. Is this flash any good?

    What I'm looking for is an automatic TTL flash, the head must allow to
    move vertically and horizontaly and it must allow to reduce the power.
    In the shot I've shown above I was able to `stop' the sb800 down about 2
    stops using arrows on the back of the flash unit. This resulted in far
    less agressive flash light.
    Is this also possible with this vivtar, or do you people have any other

    Kind regards,


    ps.: My budget limit: about 125 euro. Mind that prices in belgium are
    typically 20% higher than in the US due to huge taxes (resulting in a
    wonderfull social welfare system ;-))
    ps2.: Any comments on the shot would be very much appreciated.
    Jan Keirse, Dec 31, 2004
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  2. Jan Keirse

    Matt Clara Guest

    I'm not familiar with the Vivitar you mention, but any Nikon SB-24, 25, 26
    (expensive), 27 or 28 should work superlatively, and I've seen (and
    purchased) used SB-24's for less than US $50, which is well within your
    limits. Check ebay.

    Your image is fine--nice even--though it looks like a grab shot in a bar,
    and so nothing to get too excited over. She looks like she wants to be a
    glamour model, batting those eyes at you like that, so maybe you should get
    her to a studio and try again with more controlled lighting. Also, if you
    managed to parlance the shot into a romantic trist back at her place, you
    know, leaning over and showing her the image in the lcd display and
    commenting on her great beauty and bedroom eyes, well then it's a VERY fine
    image indeed! ;-)
    Matt Clara, Dec 31, 2004
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  3. Jan Keirse

    Jan Keirse Guest

    I'll have a look at it, thanks for your advice!

    :) The girl has a boyfriend and I have no intention (nor any
    potential probably, it appears to be serious) to brake up their
    I might make new photographs of her in the studio, in fact she has
    made some of me (though I haven't seen them yet since they were on
    film and I haven't seen her since). We are in the same photography
    course, it's her second year (my first). The problem is that her
    studies occupy so much time that she hadn't had any chance to come to
    the academy for 2 months now. She promised to come back however, so
    maybe I'll get the change to make a better photograph ;-)
    Jan Keirse, Jan 1, 2005
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