Flash Batteries

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by - Lunacy -, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. - Lunacy -

    - Lunacy - Guest

    Anyone Use Recharbale batteries for their detachable flash ?

    I just Bought a Marco Light ring and I'll be doing 900 shots a day would
    like to try the rechargeable which I can only see out 1.2 v per batt
    compared to 1.5v aa's

    - Lunacy -, Jul 23, 2009
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  2. - Lunacy -

    - Lunacy - Guest

    - Lunacy -, Jul 23, 2009
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  3. - Lunacy -

    Dyna Soar Guest

    Yes, there are. Look at the picture in the link Troy posted and you'll see
    Energizer rechargeables on the left.

    Most flashes are designed to accept either alkaline or rechargeables. To be
    sure, though, check the specs on the particular flash you've got.
    Dyna Soar, Jul 23, 2009
  4. - Lunacy -

    Mr.T Guest

    That should be "most modern flashes".
    Very few of the 20 YO ones did. Always a good idea to check in those cases,
    AND check the trigger voltage while your at it.

    Mr.T, Jul 23, 2009
  5. Yes, I have some here. Coles and Woolies sell them.
    that.camellia.person, Jul 23, 2009
  6. - Lunacy -

    - Lunacy - Guest

    Well I just got some

    it;s a long time since I bough some . ( 9 years )
    - Lunacy -, Jul 24, 2009
  7. - Lunacy -

    Charles Guest

    Perhaps you should have looked at higher capacity cells as I think the
    Energizer at the lower end. 1000mAh???

    You can get them 2500mAa capacity which will last heaps longer. There
    maybe even bigger capacity haven't looked. Check out Dick Smith/Tandy
    and get an idea of capacity/pricing.

    Charles, Jul 24, 2009
  8. - Lunacy -

    DRS Guest

    I have used supermarket sold rechargables for years, at great accumulated
    expense and equally great frustration. Energiser, Duracell, Varta etc are
    all shit. They are fast self-discharge batteries and the chargers are cheap
    and very nasty. It took me a long time before I found Maha batteries and
    chargers and I highly recommend them.

    If you use your flash a lot you'll want the Maha Powerex 2700mAH AA:

    If you use it less frequently you can get by with the Maha Imedion 2100mAH
    low-self-discharge AA:

    To get the best out of the batteries and not shorten their lives you need a
    decent charger (I have the C9000):
    DRS, Jul 24, 2009
  9. - Lunacy -

    Charles Guest

    Ah yes there are two sizes now the only specs I can find in reference is
    this below and note that they refer to the MAX AA as being 2450mAh.
    Most don't give the capacity on the side just blind faith of how good
    the brand is like the bunny.

    Features and Benefits:

    * Energizer® Rechargeable® - the #1 selling rechargeable battery
    brand in the world
    * Last up to 4x longer* in digital cameras
    * Can be charged 100’s of times
    * Hold their charge up to 6 months
    * Great for use in digital cameras, wireless gaming accessories,
    GPS equipment, and portable audio players

    *vs. Energizer® MAX® AA 2450 mAh only. (Varies by device and usage.)
    Charles, Jul 25, 2009
  10. - Lunacy -

    Arty Guest

    Forget Energizers, only use their charger, I found the best are Eneloops
    by a long way, and are able to hold their charge for over a year.
    Arty, Jul 27, 2009
  11. - Lunacy -

    Dyna Soar Guest

    Long "shelf life" is unnecessary in this case when he's talking 900 shots a
    Capacity is more important for this operation and Eneloops have lower
    capacity than Energizers.
    Eneloop are excellent for general purpose use, though.
    Dyna Soar, Jul 27, 2009
  12. - Lunacy -

    Arty Guest

    I have found my Eneloops last longer than energizers, both charge and
    lifetime and cycle quicker

    Thats in a 550EX flash, and I could take 1000+ shots a night easy using
    a battery pack I dont need to swap any batteries for the duration.
    Arty, Jul 28, 2009
  13. - Lunacy -

    Dyna Soar Guest

    Well, everyone has different experiences based on different circumstances, I

    Until I retired a year ago, I looked after technical operation of an
    organisation that used over 300 AA rechargeables at any one time with a mix
    of Eneloops and Energizers. About 85% of the equipment in which the
    batteries were used was in regular use and about 15% was used
    Energisers definitely had more capacity than Eneloops when used regularly
    and could handle more charge/discharge cycles before requiring replacement.
    Eneloop, because of their excellent storage life, of course had the
    advantage in equipment that was used intermittently.
    As an added advantage, we could purchase Energizers in bulk for quite less
    than Eneloops in bulk.

    Consequently, we tended to use Energizers in heavy use equipment and
    Eneloops in equipment used sparingly.

    FWIW, I use Eneloops for my personal uses.
    Dyna Soar, Jul 28, 2009
  14. - Lunacy -

    Arty Guest

    One other thing i found with the energizers, i burnt them out quick
    whereas the same set of eneloops are still kicking on, and teh other
    problem I had with Energizers the wouldnt hold a charge in heat, I am a
    motorsports shooter, in summer i spend all day in over 40deg heat at
    times, and the equipment gets baked, even covered up the ambient is very
    hot, and i found the energizers wouldnt hold their charge, some would be
    dead after a handful of shots
    Arty, Jul 29, 2009
  15. - Lunacy -

    DRS Guest

    Energisers are shit. I resent the money I wasted on them. Never again. If
    I want reliable high performance AAs I use Maha Powerex 2700mAH.
    DRS, Jul 29, 2009
  16. - Lunacy -

    snapper Guest

    I've had no hassles at all with the Energizers. I've been using them for many years and have accumulated 7 sets of them. All are
    still fine.
    snapper, Jul 29, 2009
  17. - Lunacy -

    Dyna Soar Guest

    I've had no problem with heat with Energizers used in the field (as most of
    these ones were on a daily basis) and this is in Perth where *most* days in
    summer are 35 to 40 degrees.

    And as I said in a previous post, "Well, everyone has different experiences
    based on different circumstances".
    My experience obviously is different to yours. Whether it matters or not I
    don't know, but my experience is based on a large sample size over a lengthy

    You've just got to read this thread to see different people's perception.
    Some say Energizers are good, others say they're crap. A bit like the
    Holden / Falcon perception. In the end, people will use / buy what they
    feel is best for them and why not?
    Dyna Soar, Jul 30, 2009
  18. - Lunacy -

    Pete D Guest

    I was looking at the Energiser shelf in my local supermarket yesterday and
    they had four different typres of NiMh rechargables, 1700, 2000, 2450 &

    Personally I prefer the Sanyo Eneloops and use them in my Pentax Ds, for the
    long shelf life.

    Pete D, Aug 6, 2009
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