Flash for Eos 10d What is best

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by CAT, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. CAT

    CAT Guest

    i am looking for

    1. Metz 54 mz4
    2. Canon EX 550
    3. Sigma EF-500 DG SUPER

    Is the Metsz still the best or should i stick with Canon

    Regards from Denmark

    CAT, Apr 25, 2004
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  2. CAT

    John J Guest

    Stick with Canon. I use a Metz 54MZ3 with EOS1V and find it very good
    however I have problems with the 10D ie when I use the 20mm adapter you
    can't use eTTL you need to switch to Auto mode on the Metz. They (10D and 54
    MZ3) also stop talking to one another if you fire the shutter before the
    Metz is fully recharged. Seems just wrong. I don't seem have a problem when
    using a 24-70 on the 10D, only when I use a 17-40. Maybe there is a fault
    with the camera or flash but the problem is so intermittent I can't be
    bothered getting it looked at and I know that Canon will blame Metz and Metz
    will blame canon. However if you use both Canon flash and camera then you
    have a much better chance of everything working.

    Having said that, I also use the Metz with a Leica R8/R9 and find it
    STUNNING, PERFECT, WITHOUT PEER, OK I'll stop know, I was getting carried
    away. Anyhow. The Metz 54MZ3 is an excellent unit however I would still use
    the Canon over the Metz when using a Canon body. I am considering buying the
    550 simply because of the problem I'm having with the 10D.

    By the way, the Metz54MZ4 is simply a mod for Nikons new system. The 54MZ3
    is what you are after if you choose to go for Metz.

    John J, Apr 25, 2004
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  3. CAT

    Bluenose Guest

    I have two Sigma Super 500 DG's and use them with my 10D and 300D.
    Excellent value and work seamlessly with ETTL.

    Price is almost half of the 550EX, has 95% of the features.
    Bluenose, Apr 25, 2004
  4. CAT

    jean Guest

    The Canon 550EX is not as full featured as the much better built, 1/2
    Shows you can't read, the quoted text mentions "save those from the major
    camera makers themselves" If and only IF you went to school you would
    understand that "save" in this case is the same as "except". Furthermore
    the exerpt is meant for Sigma's competition, NOT Canon nor Nikon.

    My everyday language is french yet I fully understand what the text meant,
    your excuse must be the lack of a brain.
    jean, Apr 25, 2004
  5. CAT

    Bill Funk Guest

    You quoted this, so let's see what it says...
    "...save those from the major camera makers themselves."
    Did you read this before you quoted it? It sure doesn't seem like it.
    Maybe you should have completed second grade, even if you were 15.
    Bill Funk, Apr 25, 2004
  6. CAT

    Mark M Guest

    It is truly amazing what you miss in the experience of reading, George.
    Mark M, Apr 26, 2004
  7. I bought the Canon 550 and pronounce myself very dissatisfied with it. Have
    a Metz with my wet-film gear. Wish I'd bought one again for the 10D. The
    Canon just hasn't got the power. :(
    Simon Gardner, Apr 26, 2004
  8. CAT

    Jim Davis Guest

    Unfortunately, I just heard from a Canon user with those same flashes
    that had nothing but problems and cursed the day he bought them to try
    and save some cash.
    Jim Davis, May 23, 2004
  9. CAT

    Jim Davis Guest

    Please don't reply to that idiot, I have him killfiled and I don't
    want to see anything of his posted. Thanks.
    Jim Davis, May 23, 2004
  10. CAT

    Bill Funk Guest

    I'm considering this flash for my 300D.
    What were the problems?
    Bill Funk, May 23, 2004
  11. CAT

    netnews Guest

    I have a Sunpak 4000af and it wont work properly on my D60 nor 10D. I just
    purchased a 550ex and it works fine. Except for the recycle time on
    batteries. Too slow for my use. I need an external pack now to keep up with
    the wedding photography. Also the internal batteries get pretty hot during a
    wedding. Other than that I really like the flash on my 10D
    btw here are a few pics from lastnight
    netnews, May 23, 2004
  12. CAT

    Mark M Guest

    Uh oh... You posted images...so here goes...
    Try to include their feet in your next wedding series (dancing, walking up
    the aisle, etc.)
    Try not to center their faces (car shot).
    Avoid direct shots that produce pronounced flash reflection ("Happily Ever
    Use a diffuser on cake shots to avoid the over lit top corner, or bounce the
    Mark M, May 23, 2004
  13. CAT

    netnews Guest

    Hey know it all, no flash used on Happy ever after, light was from candle
    through paper table decoration. It is back lit
    I like the centered faces in car.
    Bounce flash? the ceillings were 70 feet high! It was a diffuser on the
    flash and it highlights the top of the cake like I wanted. I got the effect
    I aimed for.
    Not all images posted some some quickies. So rest assured the Bride and
    Groom have feet. lol
    You guys crack me up,
    netnews, May 23, 2004
  14. CAT

    Mark M Guest

    That may well be, but the result is a shot that looks like a mistake.
    Why? Is that dark space above the car somehow more interesting than the
    What is pleasing to you about this?
    It looks like a mistake.
    Next time, back up, and zoom in for a better light distribution.
    You have "interesting" visual tastes for a photog.
    ....To each their own.
    Mark M, May 23, 2004
  15. CAT

    Bill Funk Guest

    Bill Funk, May 23, 2004
  16. CAT

    MarkH Guest

    Does this matter, the pics look fine to me.
    Shot looks fine to me.
    Doesn’t look anything like flash reflection to me.
    OK, I have to agree here. The lighting is horrible here, needs another
    light source or more distance/less zoom or diffuser or something.

    Note: I’m no expert, just throwing my opinion in, just in case anyone was
    MarkH, May 24, 2004
  17. CAT

    Bill Funk Guest

    Steve, I'm not trying to flame, but I have a problem with that last
    sentence of yours.
    And you're far from being the only one who does this...
    It seems that you have no reason to not trust the Sigma flash except
    that a totally different Sigma product has problems.
    Unless there is a distinct, demonstrated problem with the Sigma flash
    used on a Canon body (and there doesn't seem to be anywhere near the
    problems that the Sigma lenses have), I can't reasonably take your
    reservations with authority.
    Bill Funk, May 24, 2004
  18. CAT

    Mark M Guest

    You are free to like any and all photos.
    -Just don't go into wedding photography as a profession.
    BTW-- Any wedding photographer would do well to at least consider the
    observations of viewers whose opinions are not skewed by personal bias
    relating to involvement with teh wedding. I find his weak claims of
    purposeful elements a sign that professional growth will come slowly for

    And before all the wimperers yelp that I'm mean and rude...
    ....Consider this:
    One of the WORST impediments to professional growth is the unwillingness of
    colleagues to offer true critique. A second impediment is balking at
    criticism, or pretending that you "meant to slip on that banana."
    Mark M, May 25, 2004
  19. CAT

    Mark B. Guest

    I'm using a Sigma EF-500 Super (non-DG, predecessor to it) with my 10D and
    it works fine other than possibility of over-exposure at close distances. I
    can resolve that by bouncing or using a diffuser. The DG version should
    take care of that. Go to the 10D forums at www.dpreview.com and do a
    search, there are plenty of folks using the Sigma that are happy with it.

    Mark B., May 25, 2004
  20. SNIP
    The Canon has inconsistency problems with e-ttl

    Wrong, again.

    Bart van der Wolf, May 25, 2004
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