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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Bill N, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. Bill N

    Bill N Guest

    Have decided to take the plunge and see if the Nikon can do most of what my
    Canon EOS 35mm stuff does without the weight or bulk. The best indoor flash
    photos I've ever taken have been with my Canon with the 380EX flash unit
    with (this is very important) a Sto-fen Omni-Bounce unit. My current
    options seem to be:

    1. Nikon SB-50DX Speedlight
    Advantages- light weight, lower cost
    Disadvangates- uses nonrechargeable batteries (123A 3v, or are rechargeable
    models available?), low zoom range (only to 50mm zoom- or can the 5700 take
    advantage of this feature? I know there are some things that can't be
    controlled by the camera as they would be on a 35mm SLR)

    2. Nikon SB-80DX Speedlight
    Advantages- Much greater zoom range (to 105mm), can use rechargeable AA
    batteries, which I use all the time anyway, comes with Nikon diffuser
    Disadvantages- bulkier, higher cost

    3. Use the built in flash and try to fix everything in Photoshop. My PS
    skills are limited, and don't want to spend more time post-processing photos
    than necessary, but is this a really viable alternative? I tend to want to
    compose the shot and leave it alone, but should I rethink my stategy with a
    digital camera? Based on the few indoor photos I've taken so far, there
    will probably be more stuff to clean up than I will want to bother with.

    Most of my photography is of either nature scenes (mushrooms, leaves,
    insects, etc.), artwork, or musicians (the latter two almost always under
    low light conditons with no flash). But, the photos I've taken with Canon
    flash described above of friends, family, weddings, etc. have been so
    superior to anything I'd done before that I'd like to closely approximate it
    with the Nikon.

    Thanks in advance.
    Bill N, Jul 15, 2003
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