Flash for Sony Alpha 100

Discussion in 'Sony' started by John Burton, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. John Burton

    John Burton Guest

    Hi all!

    Anyone have any suggestions for an inexpensive flash unit for a Sony
    alpha 100? Yes, I know it has a builtin (or rather a flip-up) flash, but
    I need something a bit stronger for distance shots. I have a flash
    from a previous Minolta (Vivitar 550FD) but it has a different type of
    shoe to attach to the camera. I can get a hotshoe adapter so the 550FD
    would work with the Sony, but I figure it wouldn't be very good for TTL
    metering & autofocus... Suggestions?

    John Burton, Jun 16, 2008
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  2. John Burton

    Joel Guest

    I don't have neither Sony nor Vivitar 550FD, but by reading your message
    it sounds like the Sony Alpha 100 is P&S camera. I guess it's P&S because I
    believe most if not all film and DSLR cameras usually use standard

    *If* it's DSLR or it has standard connector then you may not want to
    connect to Hotshoe but using cable instead (it's call PC cable?).

    TTL? now it sounds like pretty good DSLR and I can pretty much say that if
    you need to get all the bell & whistle of the camera then you will need to
    get the flash supported by the camera else you won't have anything but a
    large amount of light.
    Joel, Jun 17, 2008
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  3. John Burton

    John Burton Guest

    Thank you for the response. The Sony Alpha is in fact a DSLR, evolved
    from the Minolta DSLR line of cameras. The problem is when Minolta went
    to the DSLR line, they changed the connector for an external flash. Sony
    inherited the connector. The Vivitar 550 was made for earlier Minolta
    film SLRs.
    John Burton, Jun 17, 2008
  4. John Burton

    Joel Guest

    I read and response to whatever comes to my mind, and at the end I figured
    out it's DSLR. Now go back to the general of the main flashing issue.

    - Most newer technology or specific option/features of newer camera (like
    TTL, E-TTL, TTL-I/II etc. will depend on the combination of Camera & Flash,
    and they can't do without the right PIN (hotshoe).

    - So if you want to use the 3rd party flash with different hotshow then you
    may want to use the Flash Cable while disable all the PIN just incase some
    pin may cause problem. I would say a piece of TAPE over the PIN should do
    (or flash bracket).

    - And with the low-end flash then you won't be able to enjoy all newer
    technology but the light source. And I would say save the money for the
    real flash.

    And I don't own any Sony to know if it's worth to invest huge amount of
    money on better lens, flash etc..
    Joel, Jun 18, 2008
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