flash for sony DSC-F828

Discussion in 'Sony' started by James Hudgell, May 29, 2004.

  1. Hi there everyone,

    I am currently considering getting myself an external flash for my sony F828.
    I'm not sure what to look for though really.

    Seems there are two principle sony options: the HVL-F1000 and the HVL-F32X.

    The first connects via an ACC cable, but the second will communicate via the hot
    shoe, although has a lead if you don't want it on the shoe.

    Both have tiltable heads, and integral (flip-down) diffusers.

    Would a generic flash do the job just as well?

    What should I look for?

    I look forward to your learned and wise comments :)


    P.S. not a thread for slagging off the 828, or digital format generally :p
    James Hudgell, May 29, 2004
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  2. so doesn't anyone have any comments on flashes generally?


    At all?

    So for once no one has ANYTHING to say?

    I'm shocked!
    James Hudgell, May 30, 2004
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  3. Hi James,

    I now have the HVL-F1000, though if I had the choice the F32X would be my
    preferred choice as I believe it is more powerful and the head can be
    swivelled. The good things about these are that full-compatibility with the
    metering is ensured.

    On your 828 you should be able to use any recent manual non-dedicated
    flashgun,, (check the voltage though), as with the Fuji 6900;602, etc. Also,
    with my F1000 it only shows power when connected to the operating camera and
    so cannot use it as a slave unit, which I was hoping for :-(

    I would also consider the Metz system and their dedicated modules, where if
    you change into another system, all you require is a new module. See
    www.metz.de I think or use google.

    Also, for more useful info check out www.sonycams.com where more help can be

    Stephen Leslie, May 30, 2004
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