Flash question re d70 + sb-800 + sb-28?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Christopher Muto, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. can a sb-28 be successfully used along with the d70 + sb-800?
    i have an occasional need to photograph small items and would like to have
    two light sources. rather than buying a sc-27 ($75) cord to use the sb-800
    off camera, and buying an sb-600 ($250) as a second light source
    (wirelessly), i am wondering if i can successfully use the sb-28 and cables
    that i already have. i tried the sb-800 off camera using the sc-17 cord
    (meant for the sb-28) and it seems to work, but perhaps it is not working in
    i-ttl mode (?). i am thinking of using this configuration and then
    connecting the sb-28 to the sb-800 with a sc-27 cord. all comments and
    suggestions welcome. thank you.
    Christopher Muto, Jun 21, 2004
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  2. fwiw, i have figured out that this is a useable setup...
    put the sb-28 with lumniquest ultrasoft bounce mounted on the d-70 and set
    both the flash and the camera to 'a'. set the sb-800 to wireless su-4 mode
    and used the table mount to position it to one side. the sb800 fires when
    the sb-28 fires and the exposure is good but depth of field is poor.
    alternatively, i set the sb-28 and the camera to 'm' and adjusted the
    exposure manually to increase depth of field. i still get some hot
    spots/glare even with the softbox, but the results are good enough for what
    i am looking to do. being wireless is very nice. yet i need a better way
    to determine metering in the manual mode. the sb28 assumes iso100 and the
    camera base is iso200... so i am manually adjusting with trial and error.
    any suggestions or tips are most welcome. thanks in advance.
    Christopher Muto, Jun 21, 2004
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