Flickr upsetting more people

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by George Orwell, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. George Orwell, Sep 5, 2008
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  2. George Orwell

    DrgnMastr Guest

    My sympathies to the Usenet community, for the waste of bandwidth caused by the following troll.
    Unfortunately s/he seems bent to discredit and dishonour.
    DrgnMastr, Sep 5, 2008
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  3. George Orwell

    DrgnMastr Guest

    Thanks for the response. :)
    DrgnMastr, Sep 6, 2008
  4. George Orwell

    ^Tems^ Guest

    I was about to reply the same to him.

    He not only replied to said 'troll' but he also left in the links to his
    Flickr page.
    Could this have been to make sure the people that have the names killfiled still get to see his original self
    promotion post.

    Seems like the typical Flickr user

    Even the below average shots get a "Nice shot, wow this is great, now
    come and write the same on mine"
    ^Tems^, Sep 6, 2008
  5. George Orwell

    Jeßus Guest

    Looks to me like somebody wants to get someone else's flickr account pulled.
    Jeßus, Sep 6, 2008
  6. George Orwell

    ^Tems^ Guest

    Looks to me like someone in just trying to up his view count
    ^Tems^, Sep 6, 2008
  7. George Orwell

    DrgnMastr Guest

    Actually, folks, my flickr account doesn't need the help, but thank you anyway.

    The original posters (George Orwell <> and Borked Pseudo Mailed <>) are not affiliated to me. They have been after me for a while now, though. Enjoy their rants and postings.

    Again sorry to bother you fine folks. Enjoy yourselves.

    - DM
    DrgnMastr, Sep 6, 2008
  8. the trouble with your replies to them is that most of us already have those
    two in our killfiles and would not have even know they were still posting
    until you replied to them.
    anyway, just give that a thought before you hit the send button in reply to
    these two in the future :)
    and you have a wonderful weekend as well :)
    Atheist Chaplain, Sep 6, 2008
  9. George Orwell

    Eric Stevens Guest

    Similar logic to my old sig

    Eric Stevens

    There are two classes of people. Those who divide people into
    two classes, and those who don't. I belong to the second class.
    Eric Stevens, Sep 6, 2008
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