Focus Enhancements To Offer Portable Hard Disk Recording For JVC GR-HD1/JY-HD10

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Jerry Jones, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. Jerry Jones

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    Music to my ears:

    LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 19, 2004--FOCUS Enhancements,
    Inc.(NASDAQ SC: FCSE), a worldwide leader in video production and
    conversion technology, today announced that it has become a supporter
    of the high-definition video (HDV) format established by the HDV
    forum, which includes Canon, Sharp, Sony and JVC. Related to this
    development, FOCUS Enhancements will support JVC's JY-HD10U HD Camera
    and other future HDV format compatible cameras.

    Michael Conway, senior vice president of marketing for FOCUS
    Enhancements, stated, "We are committed to creating multi-format and
    multi-resolution video production products and solutions from
    acquisition through presentation, or 'glass-to-glass.' Our team has
    achieved broad file-format support for our FireStore line of Direct To
    Editâ„¢ (DTE) recorders. The HDV format is the next logical direction
    for the FireStore family, and FOCUS Enhancements is developing
    Acquisition, Storage, Processing, and Presentation technology and
    products that comply with the new HDV specifications."

    Robert Mueller, executive vice president for JVC Professional Products
    Company, said, "The successful integration of FOCUS Enhancements' DTE
    Technology into JVC's professional line of digital video (DV) based
    camcorders has created for our customers additional time-saving
    benefits via non-linear editing (NLE) workflow. We welcome FOCUS
    Enhancements as an HDV supporter, and we are excited about FOCUS
    Enhancements supporting the JY-HD10U HD Camera and other future HDV
    format compatible cameras."

    In August, 2003, FOCUS Enhancements began shipping the FireStore
    DR-DV5000 with DTE to JVC. This week at the National Association of
    Broadcasters Conference (NAB) in Las Vegas, the company will
    demonstrate HDV format recording and playback with JVC. In addition at
    the FOCUS Enhancements booth # SL3501, the company will conduct
    ongoing demos of the complete FireStore family including FS-1 Desktop
    DTE Recorder, FS-2 Studio DTE Recorder, FS-3 Camera Mount DTE
    Recorder, and the JVC DR-DV5000 DTE Recorder and the new FS-M Standard
    Definition MPEG Recorder.

    Jerry Jones
    Jerry Jones, Apr 22, 2004
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