Focus on Imaging, NEC Birmingham

Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by Bruce, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Did anyone go to this year's Focus? Was it worthwhile?

    It's the last day tomorrow (Wednesday) and I have a day free, just
    wondered if it was worth going.
    Bruce, Mar 9, 2010
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  2. don't expect many bargains.

    Loads of "Show Specials" or "Show Price" labels all over the place but
    the actual price are definitely not special.

    Typical example - Nikon wireless remote show special £57, when pressed
    as to what the normal price was the best I could get from the trader was
    that it was normally nearly £60!

    My colleague was hoping for a deal on a Canon f2.8 70 -200 L mk2 but the
    prices were no better than those in the back of most photo mags and very
    often considerably dearer.

    You need to know what stuff costs. I have in front of me a flier from
    one stand declaring that the prices on it were an exclusive offer for
    Focus 2010 and only valid until Friday. They had a monitor that I was
    interested in, claiming that it had a 'street price' of £375 and they
    could offer for sale, this week, for only £311. A quick Google came up
    with plenty of people willing to sell me the same monitor for £320 -
    £330. Ok so £311 is cheaper than £320, but it isn't the great saving
    that the flier made it out to be. Granted I could also find umpteen
    online traders charging stupid amounts of money - upto £450 maybe more
    if i looked a bit harder.

    Was it worth going, well yes, but, the days of picking up end of range
    backgrounds or seconds for a snip have long gone! If there were any
    genuine giveaway bargains I didn't spot them

    Dudley Simons, Mar 9, 2010
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  3. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Thanks Dudley! That's exactly the advice I needed, so I won't be
    going. As luck would have it, a job came in for tomorrow morning so
    it would have made possible only a brief visit to Focus.

    There was a time when Focus was worth going to. I remember buying
    several secondhand lenses at bargain prices a few years back, but I
    think those days have probably long gone.
    Bruce, Mar 9, 2010

  4. Glad to help.

    I feel that perhaps i should also say that Focus is still a good day out
    if you are being sent by work, don't have to pay for a ticket, £8 for
    the car park, lunch or travel. There is plenty to see and you can get
    your sweaty mitts on the latest offerings from Canon, Nikon and Sony.
    Some of the seminars looked vaguely interesting and some looked and
    sounded dire.

    There may have been bargains in the second hand kit - not that there was
    that much of it about but I didn't see any on Monday and would have
    expected any real bargains to have been snapped up on Sunday.

    I can however report that there was one brand new bargain to be had
    which I just hadn't realised how good it was!

    On one stand - I think it was Prophoto, they had a selection of bargain
    baskets along the counter on their stand with assorted padded pouches
    and such like. I picked up a Lowepro mobile phone pouch for a quid -
    tried it out this morning and it is brilliant, wish I had picked up a
    couple of them.
    Dudley Simons, Mar 10, 2010
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