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Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Doug Jewell, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. Doug Jewell

    Doug Jewell Guest

    I guess one of the pluses of the digital phenomenon is that
    some film stuff goes for a song when stores are trying to
    clear it. I picked up some cheap ilford 5x7 paper and chem's
    a few months back, and have picked up quite a few rolls of
    various film over the last couple of years for bargain
    basement prices too.
    The downside is - all of those stores no longer sell
    anything except Fuji and/or Kodak disposable cameras, so
    getting anything film related locally now is pretty much
    impossible. A few stores will still order in but you have to
    commit to carton qty's and it is quite expensive. I can no
    longer get E6 processing done locally, so that's a pain now
    too. C41 processing is still available locally, but their
    quality is patchy. As much as I still prefer the look of
    film, it's all starting to get a bit too hard so I'm
    shooting SFA on film now and mostly using digital.

    About all I use film for now is ultrawide stuff, since I
    haven't picked up an ultrawide lens suitable for crop sensor

    BTW, can you recommend any good E6 processors in your area
    who will do mail order dev only?
    Doug Jewell, Oct 28, 2008
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  2. Doug Jewell

    Noons Guest

    Ted's in Sydney - old Fletcher's store in
    Pitt St - has in stock bulk Tri-X rolls,
    35 metre, for less than 50 bucks each.
    That's under 2 bucks for a 36-frame
    roll, or better prices than ebay.
    No affiliation, and no, you can't have mine!
    Noons, Oct 28, 2008
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  3. Doug Jewell

    Noons Guest

    Doug Jewell wrote,on my timestamp of 28/10/2008 11:26 PM:

    They are NOT trying to clear it. Ted's has been a
    "digital-only" shop for a long time.
    This is NEW stock, and next month they
    are re-stocking on Ilfotec DD-X developer.
    They just got new stock of the brand new Ilfosol-3 as well.
    They even got Technidol! There is no "clear it" anywhere.
    Oh, and with them you can get the entire range of
    Ilford film as well as Kodak and Fuji.
    They are also getting the brand new Ektar very soon now,
    as soon as it's in stock I'll let you know.

    Well, get it remotely: call Ted's and order it.
    They are fully stocked with NEW material and ready
    to sell it. So are Foto Riesel, Vanbar, Madsens, Les
    Porter. Look them up. I order via the net all
    the time.

    Have you tried Ted's, Vanbar, Foto Riesel, Madsens,
    Les Porter? Any of these in NSW will get you NEW
    stock of whatever you might want. Go to APUG and
    ask there if you are outside NSW: there is a special
    interest group reserved for Aussies. You can get
    just about anything there.

    I never could get E6 locally, not even in
    the 80s. But I can get E6 processed now,
    a LOT cheaper and faster than Jadon did in
    the 80s, that I can assure you!

    Actually if you looked, it would all be a lot
    easier. Like I said: I never had such good supply
    of everything at such good prices. But then again,
    I shoot both digital and film and don't have the
    slightest problem with either.

    These may be able to help you:
    They do all my E6 at the moment, including 120.
    Don't expect "web sites": this is a small operation,
    but they do good work. Call them on the phone,
    ask for John or Thomas - the owner - and tell either
    that I recommended them to you: if you don't get
    the best service, I'd be very surprised. Not sure
    about the mail order conditions, but it ain't hurt
    to ask.

    You can of course get Visiongraphics to do it for you
    and they are cheaper as well. Go direct with them
    rather than through a shop: it's a lot cheaper.
    They take a bit longer, though. Quality is superb.

    B&W, just do it all at home: easy as pie.
    Noons, Oct 29, 2008
  4. Doug Jewell

    Doug Jewell Guest

    Lucky you!! There is one local shop left that sells Reala,
    and that is the only non-consumer film I can get locally.
    B&W, Slide, high-speed C41, B&W Chem, it's all a memory now
    for finding it on shop shelves.
    I have purchased a bit from vanbar. Their service has been
    excellent, and their pricing is ok. The drama though is that
    with freight it is not worth purchasing from them unless I
    have a decent sized order. If I do have a decent sized order
    (ie carton qty) I can source it locally (from Harvey Norman
    of all places! - Fuji & Ilford, just not Kodak) as a special
    order, and it works out cheaper than purchasing from Vanbar
    and paying freight.
    I'm in non-metro QLD. 5 years ago, film / dev supplies were
    readily available, now they are not.

    Purchasing from the net, or on special order is ok for my
    regular stock - things like Sensia, FP4, Reala - Stuff that
    I would (in the past anyway) shoot in reasonable quantity.
    It's no good for when something unexpected comes up and you
    want a particular film. It used to be good being able to
    duck down to the local camera store and grab a roll of
    Neopan 1600, Velvia, etc if something unexpected came up.
    Now I pretty much have to plan my film use around a small
    core of films that I keep in my fridge - anything else and
    it's a 1-2 week lead time.

    Funny thing though - I was in Kingaroy a few weeks ago, and
    went into a tiny little photo shop and was surprised to see
    a wide range of various B&W, Slide & Pro Neg films. All in
    date. Made sure to grab a few rolls. Odd how a small shop in
    a small town can carry that sort of stuff, but no-one in a
    city of 100,000 can carry it.
    Thanks - I've used photocontinental who I think are the only
    Brisbane processor. They did a comprehensive job of
    scratching my film, and put the blame on my camera. Funny
    how 3 different cameras can all scratch the film with the
    exact same pattern.
    Already do. Used to do E6 at home too, but it was a little
    hit and miss - about 1 in 6 rolls came out crook.
    Doug Jewell, Oct 29, 2008
  5. Doug Jewell

    Noons Guest

    Doug Jewell wrote,on my timestamp of 29/10/2008 10:52 PM:

    Sad. But like you said: a little bit of stock
    in the fridge goes a long way! ;)
    Is it bad in the Gold Coast as well?
    I go there often but usually take everything with me
    and bring it back on the same trip.

    Same here. I do have a small supply of odd ones.
    Neopan 1600 and delta 3200, namely. And I'm thinking
    of going with Fuji pro800Z for 120 as well as Delta 3200.
    Besides the usual stapple diet of Astia, Velvia, pan-f, tri-X
    and XP2.
    Recently been looking at Efke 25 to replace pan-f: in Rodinal
    1:50 low agitation, it seems to work very well for me.
    Doesn't like red filters though, and the wet emulsion is
    veeeeery fragile... Available in bulk whereas pan-f
    is harder to find.

    Amazing what little shops can stock!
    There is one small photography shop here in
    Warringah Mall that always has a small
    supply of various b&w and colour negative film.
    They also stock film cameras, of all things!
    Handy for me on weekends.

    Ah yes, the "scratchies". Must admit I've been
    lucky. Neither Fotolab nor Visiongraphics have yet
    majorly scratched anything.

    Scratches are why I like Ice scanners so much!
    Pity it won't work for b&w non-chromogenic...

    Still got an E6 kit sitting in the back room,
    must come around to it soon. Yes, it can be
    a bit hit and miss: temperature was always
    the killer for me. One of these days must get
    one of those jobo thingies. Or make one with
    an aquarium heater...
    Noons, Oct 30, 2008
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