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Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by John Phillips, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. I was in their store in Sussex Street Sydney today.

    Nice selection of 2nd hand gear. Do they sell on consignment?

    Beautifully Rollie in their - old twin lens whatever you call it, but
    the price was hidden.

    Shop was very busy - Mark from Fletchers works there as well.
    John Phillips, Feb 8, 2008
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  2. John Phillips

    Alan K. Guest

    Actually they're in Kent Street; Sussex is the next one down.
    I think that's a question you'd be better off asking them directly.
    Yes, it's usually pretty much fully occupied with customers; they've
    got a good combination of prices and knowledge. The only place I know
    of with prices which are sometimes a touch keener is Digital Camera
    Warehouse in Canterbury. (Excluding grey market places, obviously,
    which I tend to steer clear of. Other peoples' mileages may vary on
    that point.)
    Alan K., Feb 10, 2008
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