Free program to edit .vob files

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by Nick Le Lievre, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Hi

    I had an idea instead of connecting my MiniDV cam to computer via firewire
    and transferring the tape at 13gb an hour in order to edit - just burn a
    DVD-RW on my DVD Recorder then import the .vob files off the disc onto the
    computer using much less hard drive space.

    I can't use moviemaker anyway as I run Windows 2003 so getting a free
    editing program to capture and edit straight off the camera has been

    However there must be a lot of free programs to edit .vob files can you tell
    me which program you would recommend - I just want to be able to cut
    sections maybe add some titles and transitions etc

    What is good and easy to use and most important FREE.

    Nick Le Lievre, Dec 5, 2006
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  2. It appears you need frame accurate editing which most video editors don't
    support when editing .vobs so you need a specialist package like MPEG Video
    Wizard or VideoRedo which cost money and
    I doubt there's anything free available to do this.

    Nick Le Lievre, Dec 5, 2006
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  3. Nick Le Lievre

    Jukka Aho Guest

    What you gain in hard drive space, you'll lose in flexibility, processor
    demands, and choice of programs.

    ".vob" files are, basically, MPEG-2 program stream files that have been
    multiplexed in a special way, as required by the DVD standard. You can
    edit simple VOB files directly in some programs, but in order to retain
    everything that is possibly packed inside a VOB on, say, a commercial
    DVD, such as subtitles, multiple sound tracks, angles, etc., you really
    need to demultiplex the VOB file into elementary streams. Moreover, the
    DVD format requires splitting large video segments into multiple VOB
    files. VOB is not really a too "editable" format in itself.
    Had you settled on Firewire and the DV format, you could have used Avid
    Free DV. It's not without its faults (it can't edit 16:9 material, for
    example, or at least imports it as if it was 4:3), but it's better than
    nothing. Here's a screenshot:


    That, of course, would still have left you with the problem of finding a
    free MPEG-2 encoder and a free DVD authoring application. I could
    suggest googling for "mencoder" and "GUI for DVDauthor", but I have not
    really used either.
    Why do you say that? Editing intraframe-coded AVI files - such as DV
    AVIs - is a much simpler process than editing MPEG-2 program streams.
    Windows has the interfaces for dealing with AVIs - you don't need to
    write everything from scratch - and the programming documentation is
    freely available on Microsoft's site. With MPEG-1/2, the stream format
    and the structure of the files is defined in certain ISO standards,
    which are not available for free, and the DVD VOB files are documented
    in the DVD specifications which cost a lot and getting your hands on
    them requires signing an NDA. If anything, I would expect there to be
    more AVI tools than MPEG/VOB tools - and there are.

    Simple MPEG-2 editors (such as TMPGEnc MPEG Editor, VideoReDo, and
    Womble MPEG Video Wizard) have only become available in the recent
    years. None of the ones I've seen is free (excluding ProjectX, which is
    not really an MPEG-2 editor but just happens to incorporate an I-frame
    based cut tool for MPEG-2 transport stream files.)
    Womble MPEG Video Wizard sounds like what you would want, but it's not
    free. There's a free, fully functional 30-day trial version, though.
    Jukka Aho, Dec 5, 2006
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