Free roll of 120 Color

Discussion in 'Photography' started by philo , Jan 14, 2013.

  1. philo 

    philo  Guest

    Not likely to use my medium format camera again. I have a roll of
    Fujicolor 120 (ISO-160) left over from my last shoot. It's a year
    past expiration but it's been stored in my cool basement.

    (also have some ten year old B&W but I should toss it)

    Free, but only to USA due to postage costs.

    my gmail addy is philo565
    philo , Jan 14, 2013
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  2. philo 

    philo  Guest

    Gone, all of it (eom)
    philo , Mar 12, 2013
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  3. philo 

    Savageduck Guest

    On 2013-03-12 07:41:34 -0700, philo  <[email protected]cy.not> said:

    ....and so the World wonders.
    Savageduck, Mar 12, 2013
  4. philo 

    philo  Guest

    I had one roll of color that was maybe a year past-date
    and 4 rolls of B&W that were ten year old!

    It was stored in a cool place so may still be good.
    A guy I swap computer parts with has now spoke for it...
    That reminds me, he still owes me some motherboards.

    I am not going to hold the film hostage those,
    but he is not getting that box of floppies until I get those boards :)

    Yes, I know...I should have thrown the film out...along with those
    floppy disks.
    philo , Mar 13, 2013
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