free smart TV idea

Discussion in 'Darkroom Developing and Printing' started by Dale, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Dale

    Dale Guest

    what if you could ask your TV to remind you or look for content you are
    interested in across the various subscribed channels?

    might not be a unique idea
    Dale, Jul 7, 2013
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  2. Dale

    Dale Guest

    sort of like cron and a search engine for channels that publish their
    listings and content, could even apply to broadcast
    Dale, Jul 7, 2013
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  3. Dale

    Eric Stevens Guest

    It sounds like one of the capabilities of Siri.
    Eric Stevens, Jul 7, 2013
  4. Tivo just records such content for you, if you let it.
    Based on your choices.
    Presumably patented.
    Richard Fateman, Jul 7, 2013
  5. Dale

    R.G. Bargy Guest

    The Virginmedia TIVO box does something like that:

    "You’ll love TiVo's Suggestions

    Ever find you're watching the same shows on the same channels, time and
    time again?

    This is where your TiVo service comes into its own. Your TiVo box
    remembers what you like and what you don't, so it can suggest new things
    you're more likely to love. You'll find two little symbols on your
    control – the unique 'Thumbs Up' and 'Thumbs Down' buttons. These let
    you rate what you watch instantly.

    So if you gave Megamind the 'Thumbs Up', it might suggest you catch
    other animated movies, like The Incredibles or Shrek 3. And in time,
    your TiVo box will learn exactly how to push your buttons.
    They'll be saved in a special Suggestions folder in My Shows or
    available On Demand, ready for you to watch when you want."

    R.G. Bargy, Jul 7, 2013
  6. Dale

    J. Clarke Guest

    I've had Tivo for, well, mine's a first generation, and it has never
    made a suggestion that I found worthwhile.
    J. Clarke, Jul 7, 2013
  7. Dale

    PeterN Guest

    How badly can you want to watch something, if you need a reminder.
    PeterN, Jul 7, 2013
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