FS DSR-80 DVCAM VTR very very LOW hours. Unit in NY $3400

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    This Sony VTR was a backup machine which was used very lightly. The
    hours on the machine read:

    Operation: 0207
    Tape: 0000
    Thread: 0010
    Drum: 0001

    Machine is in full working order an in excellent visual condition. Has
    QSDI board, not SDI. Photographs available for serious buyers. Will
    ship from NY at buyer's expense. Unit is packaged safely and ready to

    I am looking for a quick sale, so REASONABLE cash offers are

    Please write with any questions.

    For broadcast quality editing performance, the DSR80 is the

    right tool for creativity, flexibility and convenience.

    This DVCAM editing recorder/player features built-in TBC,

    RS-422A IF and TC reader/generator, which conforms to the

    SMPTE standard for editing. The DSR80 accepts dual

    cassettes (standard/mini) and playback/records up to three

    hours. In addition, it provides DV playback compatibility,

    jog audio and digital slow functions. With ClipLink

    operations support and RGB signal interface availability

    for CG recording application, this unit offers an excellent

    range of capabilities and is ideal for all-digital and

    hybrid analog systems.


    * DVCAM and DV Format Playback
    * Dual Cassette Mechanism
    * SDTI (QSDI) I/O connectors
    * Serial Digital Interface
    * Analog Inputs and Outputs
    * Built-in SMPTE Time Code Generator/Reader
    * High Speed Picture Search
    * Jog Audio
    * Digital Slow Function
    * Self Diagnostics
    * Dual cassette mechanism accepts both standard and

    mini size cassette tapes.
    * The DVCAM digital recording format for video

    professionals is an extension of the consumer DV format.

    Therefore, it maintains playback compatibility with the

    consumer DV recordings and has the advantage that both

    standard and mini cassettes can be used in the same

    * The DSR80 provides a full complement of analog I/O

    for video and audio, which offers compatibility with

    conventional analog equipment, such as Betacam SP™, Hi-8™

    and S-VHS for a smooth and gradual transition to digital

    systems. For video, composite, component and S-video

    connections are provided. Four channel or two channel

    (selectable) inputs and outputs are provided for audio.
    * The DSR80 offers high speed picture search that

    provides a recognizable picture at various speeds over a

    range of up to 32 times normal speed, in both forward and

    reverse, to quicken editing operations.
    * Complete reproduction of four channels or two

    channels of digital audio is achieved 1/30 to 1 times

    normal playback speed, both in forward and reverse, in the

    JOG mode. This feature is helpful for quickly and precisely

    designating editing points while monitoring the digital

    audio signals. The audio data is held in the memory and

    output according to search speed for enhanced recognition.
    * The Digital Slow Function takes advantage of digital

    processing for playback 0 - +1/5 times normal playback

    speed both in forward and reverse, realizing noiseless

    slow-motion images with picture quality on par with dynamic

    tracking playback. Either frame or field accurate playback

    is possible.
    * Should an error be detected, an error message will be

    displayed, identifying the problem area. In this way,

    down-time can be minimized. Moreover, the error log

    function makes it easier to detect the error by retaining

    the past status data of the DSR80 in memory.
    * The DSR80 is equipped with a QSDI interface that

    handles compressed video as well as sub-code data and

    digital audio signals of the DVCAM recording format. The

    QSDI interface allows degradation-free transfer of both

    video and audio signals.
    * The SDI, which conforms to the SMPTE 259M broadcast

    standard, is supported by the optional DSBK-120 SDI I/O

    Board for simple connection with SDI equipped devices such

    as Digital BETACAM™ VTRs.
    * A built-in time code generator and reader are in the

    DSR80 to offer precise video editing. The time code

    conforms to the SMPTE standard. Time code written in the

    sub code is controlled via the RS-422A interface port.

    Input/output of time code is possible with the optional

    DSBK-130 Time Code Input/Output Board.
    * The DSR80 is equipped with a built-in time base

    corrector for all analog outputs giving highly stable video

    signals. Sync and SC phase adjustment is made from the

    front panel, while the TBC control is possible with the

    optional UVR-60 TBC Remote Control Unit.
    * Power requirements: AC 120V, 50/60Hz
    * Power consumption: 145W
    * Operating temperature: 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
    * Storage temperature: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
    * Tape speed: 28.193mm/sec.
    * Y/C delay: Less than 30ns
    * Frequency response: 2CH mode (48kHz)20kHz +

    0.5dB/-1.0dB4CH mode (32kHz)14.5kHz +0.5dB/-1.0Db
    * Dynamic range: More than 85dB
    * Distortion (THD + N): Less than 0.05%
    * Fast forward/rewind time: Standard size: Less than 3

    minutes with PDV-184MEMini size: Less than 1 minute with

    * K-factor (K2T, KPB): Less than 2.0%
    * Format: DVCAM
    * Cassette tape type: Mini (w/h/d): 66 x 48 x 12.2mm(2

    5/8 X 1 15/16 X 1/2 inches)Standard (w/h/d): 125 x 78 x

    14.6mm(5 x 3 1/6 x 19/32 inches)
    * Record/playback time: Standard size: More than 184

    minutes with PDV-184ME Mini size: More than 40 minutes with

    * Picture search speed: Via RS-422A:Up to 32X normal,

    fwd and revVia optional SVRM-100A: JOG modeFrame by frame

    x2 fwd, x-1 rev SHUTTLE mode8 steps, still to x16 normal,

    fwd/revDigital slow mode2 steps, still to x1/10 normal

    speed, forward and reverse JOG audio mode1/30 to x1,

    forward and reverse
    * Signal to noise ratio (via analog component I/O):

    More than 55dB
    * Analog Outputs: VIDEO OUTComposite, BNC w/through



    * Other I/O: REMOTE IN/OUT9-pin, femaleTBC

    REMOTE15-pin, maleHEADPHONE OUTJM-60 headphone stereo

    jackCONTROL-SMini jack
    * Humidity: Less than 80% relative humidity
    * Bandwidth (via analog component I/O): 5.0MHz

    ±1.0dB5.75MHz ±0dB/-3.0dB (typical measurement)
    * Analog Inputs: VIDEO INComposite, BNC(w/through


    through out)AUDIO INPUT (XLR 3-pin female (x4)2CH mode:

    48kHz, 16 bit lock4CH mode: 32kHz, 12 bit lock
    * Digital I/O: QSDIBNCAES/EBUXLR 3-pin (x2)
    rmm, Jul 16, 2005
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