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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Sandy Barrie, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. Sandy Barrie

    Sandy Barrie Guest

    SELL: Nikon 20mm F4 AI, VG, plus caps, $300-, Sigma (Nikon AF) VG, 100
    to 300 Zoom F4-5, Plus caps, hood & Polariser, $250, Nikon 70-210 F. 4-5
    AF Zoom, excellent with Orig box, plus caps & UV filter, $450, Nikon AF
    85mm F 1-8, excellent, plus rear cap, UV filt & Hood, $425-. Nikon SB 24
    Flash, good, $200. Nikon SC 17 flash Extension cable, $100-, Nikon 55mm
    F3-5, AI, Macro, VG, $200-, Nikon PK 11 & PK 13 Extension tubes, $100,
    Nikon BR4 (short extension tube with cable release for diaphragm stop
    down) $90, Nikon F4 (VG) (plus Instruction manual) + 50mm F1.8 AF (with
    orig Box for lens), exc, $700. Nikon DW 20 Waist Level Finder for F4,
    VG, $100-, Nikon MF 23 Data Back, for F4 (also allows trap Focus,
    bracketing, etc) excellent $400, Nikon F4 Focusing Screen, type B
    (pain), mint in Orig Box (box poor) and case and instructions $30-.
    reason for sale, going to Canon Digital. Postage Extra. Phone: Sandy.
    (07) 3816 0341

    SELL: Genuine Kodak 100 Anniversary Coffee Mugs, with early Kodak add,
    in McKeowns. $13- each, postage extra: phone Sandy. (07) 3816 0341

    SELL, Kodakery magazines, July 1921, March 1929, April 1929, Aug 1929,
    Sept 1929, Oct 1929, Nov 1929, Dec 1929, all fair and complete, $5-
    each, postage extra, phone Sandy. (07) 3816 0341

    WANTED: Small portable copy stand outfit. Sandy. (07) 3816 0341

    SELL: Polaroid SLR 680 (SX 70 type with sonic focus) Excellent, in orig
    box (box poor) $70-, postage extra, Braun Hobby F40 (old electronic
    flash) excellent, with external battery pack (for collector of Flash
    units), original Box fair $35. phone Sandy. (07) 3816 0341

    Sell Optex NP100 rapid charger, for video cam batteries, handles many
    different brands from Sony, JVC Canon etc. (cost $99) , sell $45. In
    orig Box, phone Sandy. (07) 3816 0341

    SELL: Kindermann 70mm processing Spiral, exc, in orig Box (box poor)
    $50. Postage Extra, phone Sandy. (07) 3816 0341

    SELL: 1850's engravings of Shakespearian Actors, made from Daguerreotype
    plates (and captioned as such), RARE, $40 each. (have sen them in
    bookshops at $100 + phone Sandy. (07) 3816 0341

    SELL: Sanyo 8mm Video Recorder (only good for parts), but with remote
    control, Battery Charger & two batteries (questionable), Sanyo RF
    adapter, $10 (cables are worth that). Postage extra, phone Sandy. (07)
    3816 0341

    SELL: Hoya 55mm Skylight 1B $5, 55 to 58mm Step Up ring, $5, 72 to 62mm
    Step DOWN ring, $5, 52 to 58mm Step up ring, $5, 52 to 55mm Step Up
    ring, $5, Haldex lens cap keeper $1. all in orig box's. postage extra.
    phone Sandy. (07) 3816 0341

    SELL: Hanimar 100mm F2-8 projector lens mint in orig plastic case, $3
    (suit older Hanimex projector) Postage extra, phone Sandy. (07) 3816 0341

    Part 2

    SELL: Tamron 28 to 200MM F3.6 Zoom, Nikon AF fit, EX, + caps, Filter &
    hood, $250. Nikon SB 20 Speedlight, ex, $150, Nikon screw on sync cord
    $20, Paterson Single 35mm tank & Reel (Wide mouth model) with Cap $15.
    Walz 2x converter for old Minolta Slr, $10, Nikon SS24 lens bag, $15.
    Kodak Carousel Projector interlavometer, min in org box (box fair), $30.
    72 to 77mm Step up ring, $7. Nikon DK8 viewfinder shade, $10. 77mm Hoya
    Cross Screen filter $20. Sandy. (07) 3816 0341

    SELL: Leitz Motor Winder for R4, mint in orig box (box G) $400-, Leitz
    Plastic protector base for R3, $10, Leitz Leicameter MR, for M series
    Rangefinder, Mint in orig box (box G), $500. Sandy. (07) 3816 0341

    SELL: Transparency Hood, for Umax 1200U (and other in the series),
    allows scanning in negs and transparencies up to A4. (Cost over $300),
    $60. too delicate to post. Ipswich, Qld, can deliver to Brisbane. Sandy.
    (07) 3816 0341

    SELL: 2 Flash Sync cords, with old Metz 502, twin blade fitting. (1
    coiled 1 shot straight) $10. Sandy. (07) 3816 0341
    Sandy Barrie, Jan 25, 2004
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