"Fuji" biggest fumble in the industry?

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by RichA, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. RichA

    RichA Guest

    The T10 has a low-noise sensor, but they put it in
    a compact, inferior camera with cut-rate electronics and optics.
    Net result? The prosumer "DSLR" killer has yet to materialize.
    Looks like Samsung "could be" the first to offer such a thing,
    although it's not a sure bet by any means. Fuji could have
    locked up the prosumer market, at least with people who know
    something about what they are buying.

    "Bittorrents are REFUNDS for all the BAD movie products Hollywood
    never gave us refunds for in the past"
    RichA, Aug 29, 2005
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  2. RichA

    ASAAR Guest

    Is "T10" a typo, where you intended "F10"? If so it appears that
    you are unaware of three cameras that Fuji recently announced, all
    having sensors similar to the F10 - low noise/high ISO. You can
    check the press releases of the S5200, S9000/S9500 and E900 at
    dpreview.com and with any luck, reviews before the end of the year.

    If not, what's a Fuji T10?
    ASAAR, Aug 29, 2005
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  3. RichA

    l e o Guest

    dSLR killer? Oh no, I downloaded the full size ISO800 S9000 photo from
    Fujifilm site. The artifact is HORRIBLE. On the other hand, the ISO 1600
    20D shots are way, way better, similar to the ISO200 sample from S9000.
    BTW, I detect some jaggies in the S9000 samples so it's not really a 9MP
    l e o, Aug 29, 2005
  4. RichA

    ASAAR Guest

    Just for anyone that might be confused by your reply, "dSLR
    killer" was only said by you and the OP. No reasonable person
    expects that. You may detect jaggies but I detect bias, which is
    nothing new from you, so I'll wait for real reviews. FWIW even 16mp
    sensors will produce noticeable jaggies unless excessive in-camera
    processing obscures them.
    ASAAR, Aug 29, 2005
  5. RichA

    l e o Guest

    Well, I have seen the samples from S9000 at full size and
    has full review of F10. If you think the S9000 with finer pixel pitch
    would outsmart F10, be my guest.
    l e o, Aug 29, 2005
  6. RichA

    l e o Guest

    It's in the FujiFilm's product website. Check out the Japan or European

    I mean the artifacts is bad in S9000's ISO 800 sample. There is no ISO
    400 sample though. When comparing to 20D's ISO 1600 photo vs S9000's
    800. 20D wins by a hugh margin. I use 50mm f/1.4 lens.

    As you know, Fuji's SuperCCD is arranged in honeycomb shape and they
    used to frequently resample the photos to twice the number of the pixel
    counts. Both S7000 and F10 use similar SuperCCD (different generation
    though), instead of calling F10 a 12MP camera, like the S7000, it uses
    the slight advantage of the resolution advantage over other P&S,
    downsample to get a better low light advantage. I think it's
    approximately 1 stop. I don't know if the jaggies in S9000 are caused by
    oversampling or aggressive noise reduction.
    l e o, Aug 29, 2005
  7. RichA

    ASAAR Guest

    You don't know what you're talking about. The Fuji S7000 does use
    a 6mp/12mp sensor but the F10 doesn't. It uses a 6mp sensor that
    does NOT use interpolation to produce 12mp files. The fact that you
    THINK you see jaggies is because you ASSUMED that the sensor in the
    new S9000 also uses interpolation, so the claimed 9mp resolution
    might really be covering the fact that its sensor only has 4.5mp.
    Gee, then Fuji would be in the weird position of replacing the 6mp
    S7000 with a new, improved S9000 having only a 4.5mp sensor.

    From dpreview.com:
    . . .
    . . .
    . . .
    The next time you think that you see jaggies, think again.
    ASAAR, Aug 30, 2005
  8. RichA

    David Chien Guest

    anyone actually try doing what most people do with these images?
    1) resize to fit the screen for web use, etc.
    2) print to 4x6" or 8x10" paper.

    Keep in mind that while the 9MP sensor on this Fuji isn't the 'best'
    vs. a dSLR, it does have more than sufficient qualities for the majority
    of casual home users at the 4x6" to 8x10" size. Obviously, they do have
    their S3 dSLR to compete at the higher end of things, if that's what
    you're after.
    The target market isn't against the dSLRs for the F10 - instead,
    it's against the 5MP 12x zoom competetors from Canon, Sony, Panasonic,
    etc. And clearly, in this case, the 9MP easily trumps the 5MP found on
    these other cameras.
    David Chien, Aug 31, 2005
  9. RichA

    Anna Guest

    including the 8MP too, but why print @ 4x6" or 8x10"?
    Anna, Sep 1, 2005
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