Fuji Finepix crap

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by gary, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. gary

    gary Guest

    Hows this for track record .. bought new Finepix 2800 zoom 2 years ago ..
    within 4 months it failed and had to be sent for repair under warranty ..
    camera just 'died' .. no reason . It wasn't abused, dropped, rained on etc.
    Got it back from the repairer with a heavy pink bias in the viewfinder.. I
    let it ride since the pics themselves came out ok

    Going to live abroad temporarily a left the camera with my wife, and (fool)
    bought another to take with me. That was 18 months ago. Guess what. This
    one has failed too.. again no abuse or overheating etc. Just 'died suddenly
    after working ok (aside from the pin holding the camera strap dropping out.

    Seems too much of a co-incidence to have this happen twice. I'd expect more
    from a 400 dollar camers .. Anyone else had experience like this with that

    Gary's Pizzdorf
    gary, Apr 17, 2004
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  2. gary

    jriegle Guest

    Bought my 6800z three years ago and it is working perfectly. It is not used
    as much now that I have a SLR, but I still use it now and then, in fact
    tonight at a surprise birthday party.

    It could be coincidental, or there is a problem with that model. Search
    Google to see what comes up.
    jriegle, Apr 17, 2004
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  3. gary

    Us Guest

    lol bought my MX1200 3yrs ago, ive dropped it, and guess what??? nothing
    wrong with it, works perfectly, its olso been in bad weather, snow,hail,rain
    (Light & Heavy)

    she still works for me
    Us, Apr 17, 2004
  4. gary

    gary Guest

    Well 'Us' all I can say is ...
    You are either working for the Fuji PR Dept. or you've been very lucky.

    Two different machines of the same model giving almost identical 'terminal'
    symptoms within a year or so of purchase???
    Sounds like something more than "Bad Luck" to me!

    Garys Still Pizzdorf
    gary, Apr 19, 2004
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