Fuji FinePix S7000 safe to use w/Vivitar 285 HV Zoom Thristor?

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Lex Duncan, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. Lex Duncan

    Lex Duncan Guest

    Howdy y'all.

    I just recently purchased a Fujifilm FixPix S7000. I already owned
    the Vivitar 285 HV Zoom Thyristor, and I was wondering if someone
    could help me determine if it is safe to use this flash with the

    I've read that older flashes can cause problems with many digital
    camera by overloading the circuits. That they would seem to work fine
    initially, but soon the camera would no longer fire the flash, or any
    other. I guess I could try to search out the technical specifications
    for the equipment (if they are online), but honestly, I wouldn't know
    what I was reading anyway.

    Anyway, if anyone has an answer or has had experience with these
    items, I would greatly appreciate you help.

    Thanky kindly.

    Lex Duncan, Jan 26, 2007
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  2. Lex Duncan

    Joel Guest

    I read quite afew of flash with high voltage can cause damaged to camera,
    but I had no problem using Vivitar 285HV with 2-3 Olympus cameras for 2-3
    years, and few months with Canon without any problem. The only disadvantage
    that Vivita 285HV is a very powerful flash but doesn't have lot of feature
    E-TTL II, and bunch of newer features like Canon Speedlite 580EX, so it may
    take awhile to get some good setting.

    Actually I read quite afew people were using Vivitar 285HV with many
    different digital cameras and I have never heard any camera got roasted. And
    we probably hear more horrible stories from people who don't even own the
    flash. And there is some device to reduce the trigger voltage to 6-12V or
    so (I don't remember the exact number), but I never care to try to know much
    about it myself.
    Joel, Jan 26, 2007
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  3. Lex Duncan

    gr Guest

    Here is a chart of the trigger voltage of many strobes:

    Many camera manufacturers say 6 V, or 12v, or 24 V is OK. The ISO std
    says 24V.

    (some strobes vary within models!!)
    (it is best to measure the voltage of your strobe)
    (a quick rough check of if it is above or below 100v is to turn it on
    and feel with your finger (center conductor to outside shoe) and above
    100 will be a very noticeable tingle.)

    The Vivitar 285 entry has the following note:
    7.45-7.8V, according to "Bob from MediaPlus.com," Mike Dubbs, and
    "Steven at bellatlantic.net."
    Peter Savage checked his 285 and 285HV units, and read only 6V.
    Mike Flaherty measured around 8.5V on his 15-year-old 285, and feels
    safe using it on his EOS D30.
    Older units may rate higher.
    One correspondent had three units ranging from 8.3V to 33V...

    Alan Latafat Correa checked with Vivitar and they clarified:
    The 285HV has a voltage of 12V. The 285 has a voltage of 350V. Hope this
    helps you.
    gr, Jan 26, 2007
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