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Discussion in 'Fuji' started by dperez, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. dperez

    dperez Guest

    My elderly Sunpak 36 exploded yesterday so I need to get a new flash for my Fuji
    S2 Pro and my Nikon F100.

    I don't do a lot of flash photography but I definitely want one that has a
    tilt/pivot head so I can add a little Lumiquest reflector.

    AND, I want to be able to pull it off the hot shoe so I can use it for close-ups
    from different angles - I'm not real concerned about automation when I do this -
    I can always just put it into manual and check the results each frame...

    If possible, it'd be nice if the little on-camera flash could work with the one
    on (or off) the hot shoe.

    SO far the ones I'm finding are the:

    Nikon SB- 24, 26, 28 Do ALL these work fully automatic and TTL with both the S2
    and the F100?

    Sunpak PZ5000AF - same question?

    I like the Nikon SB-50DX but I'm not real happy that it uses the stupid CR123
    batteries! But I LIKE that it appears to integrate so well with the in-camera
    flash... Comments?

    I took a quick look at the Achiever and/or Promaster flashes but I've been
    reluctant to go to a real low-end unit...
    dperez, Nov 2, 2003
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  2. Nikon SB 24, 26, 28 all work fine with the S2 in full auto and TTL mode. I
    have the SB50DX and like it...small, light cheap, and does a good job.
    +wireless. Locks on and off the shoe really well. But the head does not
    rotate, only goes up and down in 1 axis. The batteries aren't a problem. I
    always have a bunch if CR123 in my bag for the S2 -- buy 'em in bulk for
    $1.20 each in lots of 20. I also have the SB80DX, which is also a nice
    flash. Doesn't do a better job of exposure that the SB50, just has longer
    reach. I know a guy that loves the Metz 54MZ, which is in the same price
    range as the SB80.

    Howard McCollister, Nov 2, 2003
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  3. dperez

    dperez Guest

    Thanks for the feedback guys........

    For the type of photography I figure I'll be using the flash for - simple but
    hopefully not wretched shots of the grandkids, macro work when I want fill or a
    light source to emulate sun from the side or behind rather than directly on
    camera, etc... I decided the SB-26 would work best for me...

    BUT, looking at the prices and capabilities of them, and realizing that the
    SB-50 will also do wireless slave I decided to order an SB-50. Like others with
    the S2 I'm buying CR-123s in bulk so I have a dozen around...

    I also use one of the little Lumiquest reflectors on the flash for about 99% of
    the shots I take so being able to pivot vertically was important. But
    horizontal pivot isn't a big deal...

    I also was thinking that if I want something with more longevity it'd be pretty
    easy to set up a power supply using 4AA in place of the CR123s......

    If I'd been able to get one of the SB-26s cheap enough off Ebay I'd have taken
    it. But it didn't make a lot of sense to spend MORE for a 5 - 9 year old used
    unit than for a new SB-50...

    BTW: I was told Saturday in the local shop that the SB-80 has now been
    dperez, Nov 4, 2003
  4. For that kind of work, the SB50 will work great for you. Note that it will
    work in concert with the on-board flash as well, so the guide numbers are
    additive. I kept trying to get an SB28 off ebay for a reasonable price,
    but, man! those people are crazy. I think you'll like the SB50. One
    suggestion, especially for macro work, get the Nikon SC17. I use that ALL
    the time.

    Howard McCollister, Nov 4, 2003
  5. dperez

    dperez Guest

    Howard, I'm sitting here laughing 'cause I've been trying to get an SB-26 off
    Ebay for the last week for a reasonable price... And YEAH, THERE'S SOMETHING
    in the water or something really odd with people out there... I keep seeing
    items that get bid up higher for used/refurb/unknown than you can go buy them
    for brand new...

    And, yeah, I"m gonna see if I can pick up an SC17...
    dperez, Nov 5, 2003
  6. Where can I get cr123 bats for surpluss??

    Serial # 19781010, Nov 5, 2003
  7. They seem to come and go, but I buy Sanyo CR123A's from Botach Tactical for
    $1.20 each in lots of 20.

    Howard McCollister, Nov 5, 2003
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