fuji s6000fd/s6500fd -> IR conversion

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Reetah, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. Reetah

    Reetah Guest


    I would appreciate any how-to about converting s6000fd/s6500fd camera to
    IR mode. All I know it is about removing IR blocking filter from the
    camera (it sits just before the sensor), but I couldn't find any guide
    on the internet how to do this.

    Did anybody try to do this? A link to PDF Fuji S6000fd/S6500fd service
    manual would be useful too.

    thank you,
    Reetah, Dec 29, 2007
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  2. Reetah

    Reetah Guest

    thanks for reply, this would be the bad news. how about s9600? I saw
    some pictures taken with s9600 IR converted, and s6000fd/s6500fd has the
    same optics (I also saw some s6500fd IR shots).

    what is the source of the information that s6500 doesn't have IR
    low-pass filter?

    here is a sample link to s6500fd converted photos:

    thank you,
    Reetah, Dec 29, 2007
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  3. Reetah

    ASAAR Guest

    It's interesting that you were considering these Fujis. Are you
    aware of some other Fujis that have been designed specifically for
    IR shooting? There is a moderately expensive Finepix DSLR and the
    Finepix IS-1 is an IR version of their S9100/S9600. Same size and
    weight and it also uses a 9mp sensor, articulating LCD and 4 AA
    batteries. Fuji has an add-on hot mirror IR filter for it that
    allows it to also be used as a normal (non-IR) camera.

    ASAAR, Dec 29, 2007
  4. Reetah

    Reetah Guest

    Hello, no, I am not aware, I just have s6500fd in my hands and would
    like to remove IR filter if possible. I am not experienced in IR
    photography but I wanna try it if s6500fd IR conversion is simple and

    thank you,
    Reetah, Dec 29, 2007
  5. Reetah

    AAvK Guest

    This camera does not have an IR low-pass filter. It simply has an IR
    coating on the lens. You need to scratch it off.

    Interesting, but how do you know that? I have the same camera and cannot
    find the lens configuration for it, nor anything else of it's "deeper tech", sts.
    AAvK, Dec 29, 2007
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