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Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Mike R, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. Mike R

    Mike R Guest


    I'm thinking about buying on of these. I currently have a Fuji MX2700 and
    am thinking its time for a change.

    I'm totally new to the newer digital cameras and have some dumb questions -
    so please excuse me.

    My 2700 takes ages (4sec ish) to save a high res picture. How long can I
    expect to wait for the S602 to save? Does this depend on the storage
    device - I guess yes)

    Does it have a "B" exposure?

    Wants it like on night exposure i.e star trails.(point at the noth pole and
    leave the shutter open)?

    How many pics can I store on a disk? what disk? I have several 65mb Smart

    Thanks for any advice - I'm sure I will respond with more questions

    Kind Regards

    Mike (UK)
    Mike R, Nov 23, 2003
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  2. Mike R

    Bill Guest

    I have the S602 and I love it. Has just about all you could want and I think
    the picture quality is excellent. But one of the few things I would add to
    it is a long ( "B") exposure. In manual mode, the longest shutter speed is
    15 seconds. So if you want star trails, it's probably not the camera for
    you. But for a fantastic macro, great zoom, best moive mode of any still
    digital camera, and completer array of controls and manual settings, it's a
    terrific camera!

    Good luck,
    Bill, Nov 23, 2003
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  3. Mike R

    Mike R Guest

    Thanks for the comments

    kind Regards

    Mike R, Nov 23, 2003
  4. Mike R

    someone Guest

    another solution, if the torch is not handy, is to use manual focus.
    someone, Nov 24, 2003
  5. Mike R

    someone Guest

    if you have the means, skip the prosumer lines and jump straight into the
    dslrs. otherwise, after a few weeks, you'll outgrow the prosumer and then
    have to buy a dslr.
    a general comment about fuji cameras, the colour produced is very natural
    looking, but the pictures are not sharp as it is interpolated, therefore a
    camera that does not use the superccd produces sharper pictures. in
    otherwords, comparing a similar shot by 602 vs 717 will see more natural
    colours in the fuji and a clearer picture in the sony.
    someone, Nov 24, 2003
  6. No, the adapter tube is needed. However, this is a good thing. It protects the
    lens from knocks when it is extended and it helps keep dust out of the camera.
    I used to be sober but now I am, Nov 24, 2003
  7. Mike R

    Bill Guest

    There are features on the S7000 prosumer that are not available on a DSLR,
    such as movie mode, excellent zoom and macro without having to carry extra
    lenses around, etc. This may be something that many people would find
    desirable. Other than not having interchangeable lenses and not being able
    to preview DOF, the camera offers most, if not all, of the controls that the
    DSLR's offer.

    Also, the Fuji S7000images are NOT interpolated unless you select the 12MP
    mode. At 6MP (or less), only the color is interpolated the same as it is in
    any other digital camera, including DLSRs.

    Bill, Nov 24, 2003
  8. Mike R

    someone Guest

    the movie mode on the 602 does not support zooming once activated. besides,
    what's with the fascination about taking a movie using a digital camera?
    the macro's good though, got to grant you that.
    someone, Nov 24, 2003
  9. Mike R

    someone Guest

    you won't save much money that way. I got the 602 when I was a newbie, then
    got drawn to the whole ir-photography thing and bought a 717. these two
    cameras, with their accessories, wide-angle adaptor, tele-adaptor, would
    have paid for the d100. however, there is an irritating thing about dslr
    that you should know about. it is that their sensors are susceptible to
    dust, and it is not a trivial thing to dust it.
    the native resolution of the 602 is 3mp, but the sensor grid is arranged at
    a 45 degree angle, so in order to show the captured image on screen, the
    camera fills in the blanks and creates a 6mp picture. do use the max
    resolution if you do get a superccd camera. I didn't understand this when I
    got my 602, and took some memorable photos that had unpleasant artifacts in
    them as I was using the 3mp mode. a side effect is that if you record in
    tif mode, that is without lossy compression, the resulting files are huge
    and take a long time to save. you will need either a 512MB or 1GB card to
    take care of things then.
    I understand your viewpoint. who's to say when they'll discontinue those
    proprietary batteries. but from a practical point of view, I have to lug 4
    sets of 4 batteries when I use the 602 whenever I go out to shoot, on an
    amateur basis, whereas the 717's proprietary battery had never run dry on
    me yet.
    hold off the 828 until the reviews are in. besides, the price will be very
    high now. a 707 or 717 might be a cheaper option, if you're not too keen on
    someone, Nov 24, 2003
  10. Mike R

    Bill Guest

    As far aa the Fuji S602, it is a 3MP camera with a 3MP sensor. It is sold as
    such by Fuji and labeled as such on the box! At least as far as this model
    is concerned, Fuji is not scamming the public. Yes the Super CCD has a
    unique design, but it is a 3MP sensor. Now they do include a 6MP mode IF the
    user chooses to use it....and yes that would be interpolated. However, this
    is no different than anyone using any other camera, transferring an image
    into the computer and using their photo editing software to resample to a
    larger size if they want to. But Fuji included this option in their
    firmware...again...the OPTION. It's no different than other manufacturers
    who choose to include in the firmare OPTIONS to enhance color, sharpness,
    etc. Personally, I prefer to do any of those things on the PC where I can
    see what I'm doing. I don't like to modify an image in the camera...not even
    cropping. I can always do that later.

    But my point here is that Fuji, at least with the S602, is not trying to
    fool anyone. They do not call it a 6MP camera nor do they advertise it as
    such. The box is clearly labeled as a 3MP camera. They do mention the 6MP
    mode as a feature only.


    Bill, Nov 24, 2003
  11. Mike R

    Bill Guest

    There is no "fascination" with taking movies. But it is nice to have the
    feature if and when you want it, without having to carry a real digicam with
    you. It's not as good as a dedicated digital camcorder of course, but it's
    better than nothing when you're out there somewhere and you see a movie op.
    And most still cams that offer movie mode don't allow zooming once you begin
    recording. But at least Fuji takes full size VGA (640x48) at 30 fps with
    audio. Nearly all others can't do that.......they are either 15fps or
    smaller size movies.


    Bill, Nov 25, 2003
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