Fuji S7000

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by MBlaster, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. MBlaster

    MBlaster Guest

    With the announcement of the 6MP prosumer camera from Fuji, I though this
    would create a wave of discussion. So far I do not see much interest. What
    am I missing??? Looks good on paper although the lens seems a little slow.
    What do you all think?
    MBlaster, Aug 1, 2003
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  2. MBlaster

    ZZ Guest

    ZZ, Aug 1, 2003
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  3. MBlaster

    David Oddie Guest

    Perhaps its because its just a 602 with a 6mp sensor? That is all
    Fuji have done, put a better CCD in an existing body behind the same
    lens system. (E.g. like Canon put a 5mp sensor in the G3 body/lens
    system to make the G5).

    It's evolutionary not revolutionary. I think people are only going to
    get excited if there is more to new models than just extra
    mega-pixels. For example if they had put a new lens on it that went
    wider than 35mm that might make a few people sit up and take note -
    like me :)

    In fact I think it loses out to the 602 in some respects as the larger
    files from the higher res CCD have slowed it down on bust mode type

    David Oddie, Aug 1, 2003
  4. MBlaster

    Lucas Tam Guest

    Pretty much a S602 with a 6MP sensor and faster continuous drive. Even the
    body looks the same.

    A little boring if you ask me.
    Lucas Tam, Aug 1, 2003
  5. MBlaster

    MBlaster Guest

    Thanks to all for the replies. I sat up as I am still in the hunt mode for
    a new camera. This looked like a possible candidate.

    MBlaster, Aug 1, 2003
  6. MBlaster

    Lucas Tam Guest

    But, still no AF assist lamp. Not TTL Flash support. No PC Sync socket

    It's too bad Fuji couldn't of added these features : (
    Lucas Tam, Aug 3, 2003
  7. MBlaster

    Ian Burley Guest

    I thought even the S602 had an AF assist system built into the window at the
    front of the flash housing? No TTL is a shame but of course you can get a
    hot shoe adapter for attaching secondary flash.

    Ian Burley, Aug 3, 2003
  8. MBlaster

    someone Guest

    are you upgrading then Lucas? my main beef with my s602z is the lack of af
    assist lamp, which makes focusing in low-light nigh impossible. is it worth
    it to sell the s602z for the s7k or just to jump on the dslr bandwagon
    someone, Aug 4, 2003
  9. MBlaster

    David Oddie Guest

    Its just a higher resolution CCD it is not the SR CCD with the
    extended dynamic range.

    Like I said its basically a 602 with more pixels and I think it takes
    more than the addition of pixels to get people excited these days.

    David Oddie, Aug 4, 2003
  10. MBlaster

    Lucas Tam Guest

    (someone) wrote in
    I'm keeping my S602 for now... My next upgrade will be a future model of
    the Nikon 5700 (Provided it has a AF Assist Lamp, and more F-stops).
    Otherwise, ya, I think I'll be jumping on the dSLR bandwagon - which means
    I need to save up a massive amount of cash!
    Lucas Tam, Aug 4, 2003
  11. MBlaster

    takeapic Guest

    want to sell some images?
    Go to www.takeapic.com and sell your own images in a photostock site for
    Upload, edit and name your own files.


    takeapic, Aug 5, 2003
  12. MBlaster

    RDKirk Guest

    No, it's not IR. It speeds focusing in the normal light range. You can
    put your finger in front of it and let the TTL focusing operate on its
    own and see the difference.


    "Men occasionally stumble on the truth, but most of them pick themselves
    and hurry off as if nothing had happened." - Winston Churchill
    RDKirk, Aug 9, 2003
  13. MBlaster

    RDKirk Guest

    I haven't seen a good enough photo to confirm the lack of a PC socket.
    The S602z Pro has one...I'd hate to think they went backward.

    But otherwise, I agree with you. My examination of the results of other
    prosumer 6mp cameras suggests that it doesn't warrant an upgrade from an

    In fact, I don't see any prosumer doing that any time soon. I'm saving
    for a dlsr, but I'm waitiing for a full framer to get affordable.


    "Men occasionally stumble on the truth, but most of them pick themselves
    and hurry off as if nothing had happened." - Winston Churchill
    RDKirk, Aug 9, 2003
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