Fujifilm E550 Digital camera

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Jerry Dolan, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. Jerry Dolan

    Jerry Dolan Guest

    I am considering the purchase of a Fujifilm E550 camera after the holidays
    and would like to
    find out what recent purchasers have to say about the performance of this

    I am a point-and-shoot camera user, not a pro, and would appreciate any
    comments you
    might have.

    Thank you
    Jerry Dolan, Dec 16, 2004
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  2. Jerry Dolan

    KC Guest

    Fuji aren't the best digital cameras out there.

    Super CCD is a con too. 6Mp interploating to be like 12 Mp..........not even
    KC, Dec 30, 2004
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  3. Jerry Dolan

    Norman Guest

    Nor are they the worst. For the price they give adequate results and
    the camera LED display controls are the easiest to use IME. Previous
    cameras have been Olympus and Minolta which were more expensive but
    produced similar exposure results at 3mp. I would have thought 6mp was
    more than adequate for someone wanting a point and shoot camera.

    Norman, Dec 30, 2004
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