Fujifilm F30 vs Casio EX-Z850

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Michael Stroh, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. I have been researching the purchase of a digital camera for my wife's
    birthday in May and have come down to these two. I am sure there are others
    to consider also.

    I was set on the Casio until I saw some pics taken with the F30 showing the
    benefits of the higher ISO. I don't know if that feature is hype and the
    Casio can do the same or if the Fujifilm actually has an advantage.

    My wife wants a camera to carry with her to use as the opportunity arises.
    Indoor pictures will be frequent so poor lighting capabilities are a big
    plus. I like the scene modes of the Casio but wonder if that is just a
    gimmick that would be cool to play with at first and then go unused later.
    For myself, I would like the camera to have manual features that I can
    learn to use.

    Any suggestions one way or another? Any other camera's that I might
    consider in this class and price range.

    Michael Stroh, Apr 3, 2006
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  2. The Z850 is just out, and the movie mode has nasty jaggies (which may or
    may not be fixed in an update); the Z750 is a safer bet.

    The F30 isn't released yet, and it sounds promising, but you could buy
    an F11 now, which has a similar sensor and seems to be well liked.
    It is not hype. According to all I've read, the Fuji sensor is larger
    and does significantly better in low light than all other compact camera
    sensors. The F30's sensor is claimed to be a bit better than the one in
    the F11, but the jury is definitely out on that one. None of these
    compares to the sensors in DSLRs, unfortunately. (I wish I could get a
    faster lens and a DSLR sensor in a semi-compact camera).
    Fuji F11, Canon S80 (nice 28mm wide angle; not sure how good in low
    light), Fuji 900E (maybe too expensive), Canon A610 or A620. I suspect
    you'll get better image quality from the Canons.

    -- Russell
    Russell E. Owen, Apr 3, 2006
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