Fujifilm finepix 3800 part!???

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Mike P., Sep 21, 2004.

  1. Mike P.

    Mike P. Guest

    Hello, maybe someof you could help me out. Im trying to get a small tiny
    connector component for my finepix 3800 camera. Its just a tiny connector
    (labeled cn205) but the only place that will send me the part is from
    somewhere in the United States.. and they want 16$ u.s. plus shipping. I
    phoned Fujifilm Canada and after being redirected 3 times someone told me i
    had to send the camera to Vancouver.. they won't sell the parts. Does
    anybody know a place that could get teh part or has it and would sell it ???
    I live in Edmonton, Alberta and i thought there would have been a shop
    somewhere that had the ability to order such a thing. Thanks for any help.

    Mike P.
    Mike P., Sep 21, 2004
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