Fujifilm s5500 vs Olympus c770 vs Canon A95

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by PretzelX, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. PretzelX

    PretzelX Guest

    Hi all,

    Sounds like a strange comparison doesn't it! A couple of 4MP
    ultra-Zooms versus a 5MP 3x zoom.

    The reason I'm comparing these 3 is that, is that as much as I'd like an
    ultra-zoom camera, I'm willing to sacrifice zoom for picture quality. I
    would like to, apart from everyday pics (family, pets, scenery), would
    like to be able take macro shots and low light shots.

    If price wasn't an issue, I would have to say that I'm sold on the
    Olympus c770 after having had a look at www.pbase.com/wayne_n (fantastic
    gallery). By the way, is it really that much better to have AA NiMh's as
    opposed to Li-Ion? Also it might be nice to be able to carry the camera
    around with me easily - the s5500 definitely won't fit in a pocket,
    however the c770 has the title of being the smallest ultra-zoom at the
    moment. I'd also like good manual control, but would like to be able to
    shoot good quality photos, just on the auto setting.

    So my question to you is which would _you_ choose please?

    ***Fujifilm s5500/s5100***
    10x optical zoom
    AA batteries
    -> Haven't seen too many photos that have showed off what the camera can do.

    ***Olympus c770***
    10x optical zoom
    LiIon batteries
    -> Seen some outstanding galleries - eg. www.pbase.com/wayne_n

    ***Canon A95***
    3x optical zoom
    AA batteries
    -> seen some good galleries and example pictures

    Looking forward to hearing your opinions. Thanks.
    PretzelX, Nov 8, 2004
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  2. PretzelX

    Justin Thyme Guest

    Suffers terribly from purple fringing, especially at 10x zoom. Heavy
    This would be my pick, or it's little brother the C765. The lens in the
    olympus is much better than the Fuji's. LiIon is a much better battery type
    than AA NiMH. Lighter, high capacity, and no self discharging problems like
    Really, the difference between 4 & 5 MP is bugger all. If you see yourself
    doing any wildlife or sports photography, you'll enjoy the 10x zoom much
    more than 1 more megapixel.
    Kodak DX6490 is also well worth considering.
    Justin Thyme, Nov 8, 2004
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  3. PretzelX

    Aerticus Guest

    Hi PretzelX

    You question is a great one. One that is asked frequently and one which has
    no set answers.

    For example, the only way to know aht is good for you is for some kind
    benefactor to appear and say "Why PretzelX, here take all 3 and kepp the
    best for yourself.. Infact keep 'em all!"

    But in the real world that ain't gonna happen.

    Links to the gallery - some really great shots there! Fantastic! But know
    what? Not all show EXIF details (alarm bell rings) most that I looked at
    are shot at ISO 64 equivalent (more alarm bells start going off)

    Now why should alarm bells ring with such good shots?
    Coz, if everything (or most images) is shot at ISO64 it is for a reason.
    Not the least of which is that higher ISO settings in a digicam tend to be

    That being said the camera in question may be more or less noisy that the
    others in your list However, take sample images with a pinch of salt and
    look at the EXIF stuff. I'd like to see 100, 200 ISO equivalents there too

    See - now another bit of confusion is added to the confusion of earlier
    making it even more ... confusing?


    Aerticus, Nov 8, 2004
  4. PretzelX

    PretzelX Guest

    Thanks for that Dave.
    PretzelX, Nov 10, 2004
  5. PretzelX

    PretzelX Guest

    Thanks for that Justin.
    PretzelX, Nov 10, 2004
  6. PretzelX

    PretzelX Guest

    Thanks for that Aerticus.
    PretzelX, Nov 10, 2004
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