Future Safe ? :- Batteries for Hasselblad 503CW & Minolta Maxxum 7xi

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by 42FHMXZ7, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. 42FHMXZ7

    42FHMXZ7 Guest

    Hi ,

    I have made the switch to digital photography Panasonic Lumxix TZ3 &
    Sony a-900 a while ago but I wanted to know how long will it be before
    medium format film production and the batteries for the Hasselblad and
    the Minolta Maxxum 7xi is stopped ?

    Do people think these cameras will still be working in 20-30 years
    i.e. will parts be available like batteries .

    Thanks for any help in advance

    42FHMXZ7, Jul 11, 2010
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  2. 42FHMXZ7

    Noons Guest

    42FHMXZ7 wrote,on my timestamp of 11/07/2010 12:45 PM:
    People have predicted the disappearance of medium format film since 35mm
    photography started, nearly 70 years ago or thereabouts. They were wrong.

    As for batteries: what's that got to do with film or digital cameras?

    FYI: I Have a Nikon F with an FTN finder for which I still regularly get new
    batteries. That camera is much older than the Maxxum and likely as old as the
    Hassy. And last time I looked most old Hassys can work without batteries.
    Oh, I don't know, with the proliferation of digital cameras one never knows how
    many battery operated devices will be obsolete...

    Ah yes: the oldest camera I have is the F, dates from 68 and it still works
    better than most digitals I've got.
    So yes, they'll be operational in 20-30 years.

    Your current digital cameras will have ceased to work long before that.

    Are you just scamming again or is this the Sunday troll?
    Noons, Jul 11, 2010
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