FYI - Nikon Capture 4.2 Updater released.

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Ed Ruf, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. Ed Ruf

    Ed Ruf Guest

    Nikon Capture 4.2 Updater - Windows
    What is this?
    This is an updater version of Nikon Capture version 4.2 for Windows
    What is new/Content Description

    1. Support for the D2X has been added.
    2. The "Digital DEE" function has been replaced by the improved
    "D-Lighting" function.
    3. The "Color Noise Reduction" functions has been improved.
    4. A "Find Tool" option has been added to the View menu.
    5. "Straighten" Tool added to Image menu.
    6. A Check for updates option has been added to the Help menu.
    7. Camera Control can now be used over a wireless connection to the
    Wireless Transmitter WT-2 and D2X.
    8. A problem that prevented Nikon Capture from launching with some
    systems running Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP 2) has been corrected.

    There are numerous feature additions and improvements to this new version
    of Nikon Capture, see the accompanying "Read Me" for specifics. This
    updater will update any version of Nikon Capture 4 to the latest 4.2

    Nikon Capture supports NEF editing from the D1-series, D2-series, D100, D70
    and all Coolpix cameras with the ability to shoot NEF images. Be aware that
    Nikon Capture Camera Control does not support Coolpix cameras. See the
    included "Read Me" file for a complete list of new features and changes.
    Compatible OS platform
    Pre-Installed versions of:

    1. Windows XP Home Edition
    2. Windows XP Professional
    3. Windows 2000 Professional
    4. Windows ME Windows 98 SE

    What's included in the download
    An updater program to update Nikon Capture 4.x to 4. 2
    Special Notes

    * The license validation method has changed between Nikon Capture 4.x
    and 4.2. License codes from earlier versions of Nikon Capture cannot be
    used with Nikon Capture 4.2. You must already own and have installed and
    activated Nikon Capture 4.x before installing this Update. A full, trial
    version of Nikon Capture 4.2 will be available at a later date.

    * It is strongly recommended that users download the "Nikon Capture 4.2
    Users' Guide Addendum" for additional information. Currently, this guide is
    only available in English.

    Click Here for the "Nikon Capture 4.0 Users' Guide Manual Addendum"

    * Please note that for Nikon Capture Camera control to operate
    correctly, the D70 D-SLR model MUST have the USB interface mode set to PTP
    * This update is for North American English versions of Nikon Capture, if
    you are from another region, please contact your local Nikon distributer
    for updates.

    Click here to Agree to License and start download

    File Size ~19.6 MB


    From the README.WRI file:

    Nikon Capture Ver.4.2.0

    Thank you for purchasing Nikon Capture software. This document contains the
    latest available information, which may not be included in the user's

    Images adjusted with Digital DEE

    D-Lighting is the equivalent function of Digital DEE in Nikon Capture 4
    version 4.1 or earlier. NEF formatted images having Digital DEE applied
    need to be re-adjusted using D-Lighting since they do not reflect the
    effects of Digital DEE on Nikon Capture 4.2. However, JPEG and TIFF
    formatted images do reflect the Digital DEE effects on them on Nikon
    Capture 4.2.

    Saving in 16-bit TIFF format

    When you save a NEF format file in the 16-bit TIFF format, selecting LZW
    compression may result in a larger file size than without selecting LZW.

    Information tool

    Data shown before editing is no longer displayed in the Information tool
    area in the version 4.2. You can only see the data after editing in the

    Bird's Eye

    Images shown in the Bird's Eye area do not necessarily reflect all changes

    Show Focus Area

    When using Show Focus Area after straightening an image or straightening an
    image after using Show Focus Area, the focus area is not shown accurately.

    Product Key

    The Product Activation Key for version 4.1 or earlier and version 4.2 are
    not compatible. If you have a Product Activation Key for version 4.1 or
    earlier, you need to install Nikon Capture 4 version 4.1 or earlier and
    input the Product Key for that version, and then install the version 4.2 or
    later. Version 3 Product Activation keys cannot be used with Nikon Capture

    Multi Image Window

    • Since thumbnail images in the Multi Image Window may not reflect the
    current image correctly, the final results should be confirmed in the Image
    • If you choose the By File Type + Shooting Date from the Sort Key under
    the Multi Image Window menu, the images are sorted to a precision of one
    • In the Multi Image Window, the Zoom In/Zoom Out option zooms in/out only
    the foremost image window when you select multiple images. The other
    selected images are not zoomed.
    • Using the Match Settings option under the Multi Image Window menu does
    not apply rotation and straightening settings applied to the selected
    • Even when the Show it with Multi Image Window option is selected in the
    Download Options dialog in Camera Control, thumbnails of the images taken
    may be hidden and not displayed in the thumbnail area.

    Page setup

    Selecting Print Setup under the File menu and Page Setup in the Print
    Layout dialog present an identical dialog box.

    Opening with Photoshop

    When you open the images edited with Nikon Capture using Photoshop, a
    dialog notifying that the server is busy may be displayed. In this case,
    click the retry button, and continue the operation.

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0

    • 16-bit images shown with Nikon Capture Editor cannot be opened with Adobe
    Photoshop Elements 3.0 by either selecting "Open with Photoshop (16-bit)"
    from the Image menu or pressing the "Open with Photoshop" Quick Tools
    button after selecting "Transfers 16-bit data when possible" on the General
    tab in the Options dialog.
    • If you aren't a registered user of Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0, "An
    error occurred while opening the image with Photoshop." may be displayed
    after either selecting "Open with Photoshop (8-bit)" from the Image menu or
    pressing the "Open with Photoshop" Quick Tools button. In this case, you
    should complete your registration first or open the images after launching
    Photoshop Elements 3.0.

    Support for NEF Files

    NEF files created or saved using Nikon Capture 4 will not open as expected
    in Nikon Capture versions 1,2 and 3.

    Batch Processing

    • When "Periodically check for new files in this folder" is selected in the
    Batch dialog, the figure shown in the batch progress dialog for "files
    saved" may not be correct.
    • When the “Include subfolders” checkbox is on Nikon Capture will process
    all images in the selected folder and all sub-folders but will not create
    new subfolders. All processed files will be together in the destination
    folder. If you have files with the same names in folders and subfolders the
    destination will only have the last file processed. Nikon Capture will over
    right the previously processed images. Make sure you do not have files with
    the same names in subfolders.

    Auto Bracketing

    Shutter speed cannot be set correctly from the Nikon Capture “Camera
    Control” window when auto bracketing is in effect.

    COOLPIX cameras that support an image-quality setting of RAW

    With COOLPIX cameras that support the RAW image-quality setting, pictures
    displayed at zoom ratios of 25% or less in preview mode may appear rough
    and pixilated. This is not a malfunction. These images will display
    properly at their original resolution, after being saved, regardless of how
    they may appear in the editor.

    Uninstalling Nikon Capture 4

    If you uninstall Nikon Capture 4, the Nikon View 6 application list and the
    applications selected for editing still images, movies, and voice memos in
    the Nikon View 6 Preferences dialog will be reset to defaults. After
    uninstalling Nikon Capture 4, you will need to restore the preference
    settings in Nikon View 6.

    PC Micro Nikkor 85mm F2.8D lens

    When using the PC Micro Nikkor 85mm F2.8D lens the “Lens Type” displayed in
    the Shooting Data will be incorrect. Also the “Lens” display on the
    “Mechanical” tab page of the Nikon Capture Control program will be

    Using SB-80DX and SB-50DX with Nikon Capture Control
    When you use Nikon Capture Control software and a digital camera connected
    to the computer using a cable, the Flash Compensation display on the camera
    control window shows the value only in 1/3 EV step and the range will be
    limited to -3 EV to +1 EV. Although the actual compensation value can be
    set in 1/6 EV step and range between -3 EV and +3 EV using the control on
    the Speedlight, the Nikon Capture Camera Control does not properly display
    the setting. Please confirm the actual Flash Compensation value on the
    display on the Speedlight body.

    Shooting Information Display

    • Despite the fact that the images taken with D2X will show Saturation comp
    in the Shooting Data area, D2X cameras do not have the saturation
    compensation function.
    • Information displayed in the shooting info area is wrong if the file has
    been saved by the Nikon Scan software.

    3. File Versions

    Program files version is as follows:

    NCapture.exe :
    NCaptureLang.dll :
    Asteroid6.dll :
    CML6.dll :
    DRAGNKL1.dll :
    NikonPrint.dll :
    NkBrowseLib4.dll :
    NkIPTC2.dll :
    picn1020.dll :
    picn1120.dll :
    picn20.dll :
    ProgressLog.dll :
    RCSigProc.dll :
    RedEye.dll :
    StdFilters4.dll :
    Strato4.dll :
    WorkQueue.dll :
    Zelkova3.dll :

    NControl.exe :
    NControlLang.dll :
    Asteroid6.dll :
    CML6.dll :
    DRAGNKL1.dll :
    NEFLibrary3.dll :
    NkIPTC2.dll :
    NkRotateLib3.dll :
    NkRotateUtility2.exe :
    picn1020.dll :
    picn1120.dll :
    picn20.dll :
    RedEye.dll :
    StdFilters4.dll :
    Strato4.dll :
    WorkQueue.dll :
    Zelkova3.dll :

    D100_Mod.md3 :
    D1_Drv.dll :
    D1_Mod.md3 :
    D2_Mod.md3 :
    D70_Mod.md3 :
    NikonDx.sys :
    NkdStor.dll :

    Nikon NEF Plugin.8bi :
    DRAGNKL1.dll :
    NkNEFPlugin.dll :
    picn1020.dll :
    picn1120.dll :
    picn20.dll :
    RCSigProc.dll :
    RedEye.dll :
    Strato4.dll :

    NKAdobe.icm :
    NKApple.icm :
    NKBruce.icm :
    NKCIE.icm :
    NKCMatch.icm :
    NKCMYK.icm :
    NKD1_NEF.icm :
    NKDBase_NEF.icm :
    NKGrayG18.icm :
    NKGrayG22.icm :
    NKLab.icm :
    NKLch2.icm :
    NKMonitor_Mac.icm :
    NKMonitor_Win.icm :
    NKNTSC.icm :
    NKsRGB.icm :
    NKWide.icm :
    NKYCC.icm :
    Ed Ruf, Feb 15, 2005
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  2. Ed Ruf

    George Guest

    One problem that I had (that I didn't find mentioned anywhere regarding
    installing this 4.2 update) is that
    with Windows XP you have to turn off DEP ("data execution protection"
    temporarily and only in regards to the Nikon software) in order to get this
    to install properly and use your 4.1 product key. Just use the Windows Help
    feature and search on DEP to see how to do it.


    George, Feb 17, 2005
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  3. Ed Ruf

    Sheldon Guest

    What are you talking about? I've got version 4.4.0 of Nikon Capture.
    Sheldon, Mar 25, 2006
  4. Ed Ruf

    george Guest

    Me too...when I posted that (about SIX MONTHS AGO), 4.2 was the latest
    available. Please check the dates before responding or you'll get other
    people confused too.
    george, Mar 25, 2006
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