Get Software or Get Driver?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by ginopalomo, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. ginopalomo

    ginopalomo Guest


    I wish I could create a DVD video from my digital camera videos. These
    videos are in AVI format and are mostly short segments of 1 to 5
    minutes each, adding a total of nearly 2.5 hours.

    Here is my dilema:

    1) should I replace my HP CD Writer/Burner (its internal'and came with
    my HP Pavilion 523n) with something like an internal DVD Writer/Burner?
    or it is possible to create DVD's from CD-R's? as far as I know, you
    can create VCD's using CD-R's, but my experience on the past is
    terrible. Most VCD's images have some deffect on pixels when I'm
    watching them (it's like loosing a digital signal from a satellite dish
    during a storm).

    2) If I get a DVD Writer/Burner, is there any out there with a decent
    software? these are home videos, so I am not looking for some really
    professional and expensive product to make DVD's.

    I appreciate any help, suggestions and advice you can give me.
    ginopalomo, Aug 13, 2005
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  2. ginopalomo

    AnthonyR Guest

    Hi Gino,
    Yes, replace the cd-r that came with your computer with a dvd-r burner, for
    They are so cheap now and even come with simple editing software and dvd
    Check out for real bargains. Get a 16x multiformat, plus r
    and minus r don't spend
    more than $80 if even that much, prices should have dropped since i bought
    mine 6 months ago.
    Installing it, is as easy as unscrewing the old cd-r and attaching the new
    dvd-r in its place.
    Plug in the power wire and ide cable exactly the same as old one, that's it!
    Windows will recognize the change and so will your software, you're done!
    Easy as pie. :)
    They will be the most compatible than vcd cd-r's on friends dvd players.
    Have fun making them and enjoy watching them!
    Good Luck,
    AnthonyR, Aug 16, 2005
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  3. ginopalomo

    Steve King Guest

    Gino, if you have a spare IDE port, you could add the DVD drive and keep the
    CDR drive as well. I did that on a desktop machine that had a single hard
    drive and a CDRW. Those units were on the primary IDE controller. That
    left the secondary IDE controller unused. I added the drive as the master
    on the secondary. Also a simple installation. Having both burners allowed
    me to use Nero to burn two CDRs simultaneously. I have a couple of clients
    that want multiple copies of their projects upon completion, not enough to
    send out to a duplicator. So doubling my productivity helped for those 10
    to 25 CDR copies.

    Steve King
    Steve King, Aug 16, 2005
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