Getting Hysterical About Finding Inexpensive DigiCam That Shows Whole Frame in VF

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Lola Sanna, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. Lola Sanna

    Lola Sanna Guest

    A couple weeks ago, I started a thread called "Canon A60: Can Only
    See 80% Through Viewfinder???"

    .....and was told that it's true...looking through the viewfinder of
    most consumer digicams, you are not shown your full frame:

    "It is a sad fact that most P&S cameras are designed for idiots. The
    correct way to make an optical viewfinder is to give around 110% view
    and place a frame of the 100% coverage around it. In that way one can
    frame the subject and keep check of anything out of frame. The average
    'Joe' can't cope with
    that. Features have to be 'FOOL' proof."

    I'm just an amateur photographer. I don't need anything
    fact, I'm happy with the mere 2 megapixels of the Canon A60. All I
    want is something 1. inexpensive, 2. with at least some manual
    overrides over pure P&S (but also like P&S capability), but that will
    do what the above poster described: show me everything plus, and put a
    rectangle around my final frame. So I can at LEAST compose my shots
    (damn, isn't that the whole POINT?!?). I don't want to compose via
    LCD; it's like watching tv, and photography is more intimate than that
    for me.

    So, please, hear my plea! I split for Japan 4/1 (to catch cherry
    blossoms!!!!) and need to pick up a camera that's digital, under $250
    (pref. well under), that'll work with my Mac (if unsure, no prob; I'll
    research), and can provide WYSIWYS capability (what you see is what
    you shoot).

    Lola Sanna, Feb 22, 2004
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