Getting rid of "copy" suffix

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by Don, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. Don

    Don Guest

    Every time I try to "Save As" under a different file format, Photoshop
    kicks in and "does me a favor" by suffixing "copy" to file name.

    Now, I can see some logic to that when file format remains unchanged
    although, "are you sure" alert before overwriting would do just fine,
    thank you very much!

    However, after editing "file.tif" I want to save it as "file.jpg", not
    as "file copy.jpg"!

    I looked through all settings and prefereces I could lay my hands on
    but can't seem to find where this suffix setting is hiding. If indeed
    it is a setting and not a hard coded "favor"?

    Not a big deal, but just very annoying. Especially with about 2000
    files to go...

    Don, Sep 1, 2003
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  2. Don

    MCL Guest

    In news:, Don deftly typed:
    Have you tried removing the checkmark "as a copy" in the save as dialog
    box? It might help :)
    MCL, Sep 1, 2003
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  3. Don

    edjh Guest

    That happens when you try to save in a form that loses information from
    the original, so it's not strictly file format dependent. You can avoid
    "copy" by flattening, getting rid of Alpha Channels and such before saving.

    Simply unchecking Save As Copy won't do it.

    You don't mention your OS. If you happen to be on Mac I have an
    Applescript that will help in this. I would think it could be solved
    with a script in Windows as well, if anyone cares to give it a shot.
    Check my page below:
    edjh, Sep 1, 2003
  4. Don

    Don Guest

    For a moment there I thought you got me! ;-) But the check is off.

    And a correction: It doesn't happen every time; only in some cases!

    Case 1: Load pic "file.tif", make adjustments, e.g. Levels, Save As
    jpg and the name is "file.jpg" as it should be. However...

    Case 2: Load pic "file.tif", add a Curves layer, for example, Save As
    and the "copy" checkmark is turned ON and GRAYED OUT - to make sure I
    can't change it, I guess, since Photoshop knows better!!!!

    This is all using Photoshop 6.0.1.

    Don, Sep 1, 2003
  5. Don

    edjh Guest

    Case 1: If the tiff is a flattened files and no channels are added, no
    information would be lost, so it doesn't add "copy".

    Case 2: It does that because jpeg doesn't support layers, so you'd lose
    the info, so...

    Mama Adobe holding your hand, unnecessarily and a pain IMHO. See my
    other post.
    edjh, Sep 1, 2003
  6. Don

    Don Guest

    Exactly, as I just discovered and noted in my previous message!
    However, flattening the image seems like more work than just deleting
    the &*!$% "copy"...
    It is Windows but, again, I fear invoking scripts would probably be
    more effort than deleting the [insert expletive of choice here]

    Good idea, though! And, when my annoyance turns to rage (almost
    there... ;-)), I might just do a bulk rename afterwards.

    It's very irritating, though, when a program insists it "knows better"
    and doesn't even give you an option of turning it off! As a software
    writer myself all I can say is: Bad design! *Very* bad design!

    Aaanyway... thanks very much for the reply! At least now I know it's
    not me but a known "issue".

    Don, Sep 1, 2003
  7. Don

    edjh Guest

    Yes, but you can flatten with an action. Just don't overwrite the
    flattened version if you want to retain a master original with layers.

    Actually this poses a greater danger than the scenario Adobe's
    "solution" is supposed to prevent I think.
    Maybe. It works really well in my workflow. A one click solution. If
    someone would only do the same for Windows...
    I agree. At the very least they should have made it a default that the
    user could disable.
    edjh, Sep 1, 2003
  8. Don

    Eric Gill Guest

    (Don) wrote in
    Not really. When you are ready to save, go to the actions pallete and start
    recording. Flatten, then choose save. Stop recording.

    Every time you wish to do this in the future, the entire process will
    consist of (function key) (return).

    Big/complex images might take a bit more time, and of course you could fine
    tune the script (so that it saves without a dialog and closes the image,
    for example), but in any case that will cut your intervention down
    Eric Gill, Sep 1, 2003
  9. Don

    edjh Guest

    Unfortunately if you have excess Alpha Channels this won't do you any good.
    edjh, Sep 1, 2003
  10. Don

    Don Guest

    I have to admit I haven't looked into actions yet. As a relative
    newbie I had my hands full just getting to grips with basics.

    But now that my distant acquaintance with Curves (sic) has turned into
    a very close relationship I guess it's time for some Action(s)... ;-)

    Seriously, though, thanks very much for the tip!

    Don, Sep 2, 2003
  11. Don

    Kipling Guest

    Try flattening your image before you save it. It shouldn't suggest you save
    as a copy then.
    Kipling, Sep 20, 2003
  12. Don

    Gregorso Guest

    Did Ed () or anyone else come up with an Apple
    to remove the word "copy" from file names in OS X yet?
    I could REALLY use it.

    Why won't Ed's original version work in OS X? Is it hard to adapt it
    to work in OS X?

    Gregorso, Sep 23, 2003
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