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Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Scott Matthews, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. I'm a new Canon S400 user, and I'm trying to figure out the best way
    to convert the AVI files that it captures to MPG files. (I'm running

    Everybody seems to like TmpgEnc for making MPG files, so I've been
    trying to use that. TmpgEnc can't seem to open the AVI files as
    captured by the camera. But, if I first open them in VirtualDub and
    then save them as another AVI, TmpgEnc can open those. But that second
    AVI is rather large (about 10x bigger), and I'd guess that the extra
    step adds artifacts (another decompression/recompression), and it just
    seems unnecessary.

    So, I have this procedure working:
    AVI > VirtualDub > big AVI > TmpgEnc > MPG

    But I'd really like to eliminate that VirtualDub step (and that huge
    AVI), and just do:
    AVI > TmpgEnc > MPG

    Is there a way to do that?

    Do I need to get an additional M-JPEG codec (such as those from Morgan
    Multimedia or Main Concept)? It seems like I shouldn't need one since
    VirtualDub can already decode the AVI.

    If I do need to get one of those M-JPEG codecs, is there any
    difference between Morgan Multimedia or Main Concept or any other?

    Some handy URLs for any others getting started: (AVI > MPG encoder) (AVI > big AVI that TmpgEnc can read)

    M-JPEG codecs:

    thanks in advance,
    Scott Matthews
    Scott Matthews, Oct 8, 2003
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