Getting the Right Pose is Essential

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by tomclarksen, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. tomclarksen

    tomclarksen Guest

    When taking pictures of people, whatever kind or level of photographer
    you are, you can get the best looking picture, in the end, by getting
    the person or people you are photographing to relax and appear
    comfortable, the way they normally look. For instance, you usually
    wouldn't want to have the body, head and eye placement all pointing in
    the same direction at the same time. This is because it gives a very
    boring look to your poser, and the picture as a whole.

    In case you have any interest in how to pose people for your pictures,
    I have a blog where I give various tips on posing from time to time.
    If you ever have a few minutes, come and check it out at:

    Another tip is to make sure that the hands of the person or people you
    are taking a picture of are free. Don't have them posing with
    anything in their hands. This will keep the attention on them and not
    on something that they are holding.
    tomclarksen, Apr 1, 2008
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  2. tomclarksen

    rodkosmos Guest

    Hi RE Poosing

    There is only two poses 1 Male amd 2 frmale
    The first can be used for males and some females if body type, age or
    job permits..
    It has two properties: the head is tilted to the lower shoulder.
    The body and head are facing the same or similar angle .

    The female pose us just the opposite: Ir has a third factor
    1 The head ys tilted to the upper shoulder.
    2 the body and head face opposite directions.
    3 the body follows an S curve.

    The comment above [ in the first post } are valid to a point, in the
    terms of relaxing.
    the male pose give males a relaxed look.
    However the comment about hands is not ,

    Could we imagine an image of Winston Churchill WITHOUT
    a cigar " in hand"

    Follow the male and female guidelines, you will never be
    I have a data sheet on this subject that I use in my courses and
    You can contact me ansd i'll forward any member a PDF copy.


    rodkosmos, Apr 1, 2008
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