Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Annika1980, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. That's an improper use of "know". It's like saying someone with a
    bisected spinal cord who is paralysed and feels nothing from the waist
    down nevertheless "knows" when a pin is stuck in the sole of his
    foot. An essential prerequisite to "knowing" something is the
    abstraction of a coded signal of the physical event from the site of
    the physical event. There is no such circuit attached to a camera's PC
    sync circuit.
    Chris Malcolm, Jan 24, 2009
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  2. Annika1980

    Annika1980 Guest

    Never has one written so much and said so little.
    Annika1980, Jan 24, 2009
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  3. Annika1980

    Bill Boyce Guest

    Thanks for the helpful post. I'll be trying ThumbsPlus.

    Also interested in any other software aids for colorblind people doing
    post-processing in Adobe Photoshop or Elements. Maybe there's another
    program better for my disability.

    Right now for color I'm confined to "Auto-fixes" and ask my wife for
    color-input on selected images I want to display or enter into contests.
    Bill Boyce, Jan 24, 2009
  4. Annika1980

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Three suggestions.

    First, you might want to take a look at "ICorrect" (Portrait or Editlab
    versions). I'm not up to date on these - they used to be available as
    standalone or plugin. The nice thing about these is that they
    'understand' skintones (of all races). That means that not only can you
    use neutral areas of the image to get a color balance, you can also
    click on any skintone and it will take away any obvious casts. In the
    version I have, it also allows you to click on foliage or blue sky -
    again, it has built in color scales for these and takes a pretty
    intelligent guess at what it should be. Of course it isn't perfect,
    but the results will at least get you into the acceptable range, and
    because it has those extra abilities, it is useful on a wider range of

    Second, when you are examining images, use Photoshop's 'Info' window (or
    Thumbsplus' status line) to watch the RGB triplet. See what happens as
    you roll over grey areas, fleshtones, etc. Obviously in
    grey/white/black areas, the ratios should be equal and anything more
    than a couple of digits may be visible as a cast, eg a 'white' area that
    shows RGB as 255,252,252 is actually slightly pink..

    You can train yourself to know what are likely to be good ratios, esp.
    for skintones - takes time, but after a while you can become very adept.
    And this method has the advantage that you can check images no matter
    how bad the monitor is, or in difficult lighting. (O:

    Lastly - check this out:


    It goes into a bit much CMYK information, but the approach is well worth

    Good luck, and I hope some of that helps.
    Mark Thomas, Jan 24, 2009
  5. Annika1980

    Mark Thomas Guest

    At the risk of sounding like I have Pictocolor shares, but more because
    I think it's important to get a balanced view, some folks seem to differ
    (you *may* recognise some of their names..):

    http://www.outbackphoto.com/workflow/wf_52/essay.html (Uwe Steinmuller)
    "iCorrect Editlab Pro 4.5 is overall an excellent tool"

    (Jim Collum)
    "iCorrect has become one of the integral steps in my workflow"

    http://luminous-landscape.com/reviews/software/editlab.shtml (Michael
    "I can recommend iCorrect EditLab highly as a worthwhile addition to
    your image processing arsenal."

    http://www.computer-darkroom.com/editlab4/editlab4_1.htm (Ian Lyons)
    "I have found iCorrect EditLab seems to work particularly well with
    images captured on digital cameras... could be forgiven for thinking
    that iCorrect EditLab doesn't really offer intermediate and advanced
    users anything that Photoshop can't already do. In a sense this is true,
    but I've received many emails from professional and amateur
    photographers who feel the speed and ease of operation provided by
    iCorrect EditLab makes it a worthwhile addition to Photoshop."

    http://www.imaging-resource.com/SOFT/INC/INC.HTM (Jim Pasini)
    "It can't tell sky from skin -- but you can and it's smart enough to let
    you. Brilliant."

    (David Harvey)
    "iCorrect Portrait makes color correction of almost any digital image a

    (and the posts that follow)
    ....etc, etc...
    Only if the image *is* 'quick fixable'.. Note that we are not talking
    about fine art here (at least I don't think so) but *someone with a
    major colour perception problem*. Photoshop colour correction is fairly
    easy for simple problems and images with easily identifiable neutrals,
    but the request was for other helpful techniques.

    If you have some techniques to help for a colourblind person with *all*
    images, feel free to elaborate.
    Mark Thomas, Jan 25, 2009
  6. Annika1980

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Very comprehensive review, TR. *Much* more convincing than my examples.

    Hmm. Who to believe? TR, Michael Reichmann, Uwe Steinmuller, Ian Lyons...
    There there. I'm sorry you couldn't work it out, and can't actually
    explain why.
    Are the insults required, and do they help you gain respect for your
    Indeed, it clearly *does*, for all those mentioned above.

    Anyway, you neatly clipped the important point, hardly surprisingly.
    Again, rather than the personal attacks, can you elaborate on some
    techniques to help the requester with color correction when they have
    color perception problems? Do tell us how you would then deal with
    images without obvious neutral areas, or images requiring more advanced
    Mark Thomas, Jan 25, 2009
  7. Annika1980

    Mark Thomas Guest

    I note you still clip out the bits you don't want to be embarrassed by...
    Yes. I own an older version. And like Reichmann, Steinmuller, Lyons et
    al, I *also* managed to get it to work, and work well. It is especially
    useful for woefully unbalanced images (eg film scanning old negatives
    without profiles), and I often use it as a starting point for tweaking.

    More importantly (but do feel free to snip this out) it has obvious (to
    anyone with some degree of understanding of the issues) application for
    anyone with colour perception issues.

    I would suggest if you want any further responses, drop the attitude.
    Mark Thomas, Jan 25, 2009
  8. Annika1980

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Just for you, Rich Posiadlik.

    Keep on laughing.

    I won't expect an apology, but the satisfaction of making a fool out of
    you is worth it. Can *you* explain why people like Michael Reichmann,
    Uwe Steinmuller and Ian Lyons can get the software to work well, but you


    Mark Thomas, Jan 25, 2009
  9. Annika1980

    Jeff R. Guest

    Jeff R., Jan 25, 2009
  10. Annika1980

    Jeff R. Guest

    Disregarding for the moment your childish potty mouth, Doug, are we to
    believe that you think your oversharpened highlight-blown example is
    *better* than Bret's?

    Jeff R., Jan 25, 2009
  11. Annika1980

    Jeff R. Guest

    Do you *really* not get the joke, Doug?

    (i.e. are you just *pretending* to be stupid?)

    'Cause - Geez - you're good at it.
    Jeff R., Jan 25, 2009
  12. Annika1980

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Thanks for the opportunity to rub your nose in it AGAIN, Douglas "St
    James" MacDonald..

    Apart from the sad fact that this is all he can up with for his 'lying'
    claim... here are Douglas MacDonald's ACTUAL words:
    Note that he claims he is 'registered' with the EPA *AND* "Forest and
    Wildlife service" *AND* ATSIC.. I *correctly* pointed out:
    - it's just a commercial photog permit, and means nothing
    - the EPA does not issue permits in its own name
    - there was no such thing as the *Forest & Wildlife Service*
    - ATSIC did NOT issue any such permits (and was disbanded a year before
    his claim)
    Photography in indigenous communities is a very sensitive issue and must
    be discussed with community elders. Blanket permits were never issued.
    And yet that is the only one you keep coming up with, and it falls to
    pieces with even a cursory glance.
    So far it appears that every one of them has had some .. er..
    difficulties with you and your claims:

    Care to name anyone you *haven't* had a problem with, Douglas?
    Once again, Douglas damned himself with his own words - as above:
    Douglas sent out a poster claiming it was a 20D image and sent it out to
    back up his enlargement claims. He was then caught out saying that the
    exact same image was one half of a twenty image panoramic stitch.

    Any questions?

    Cheers, Douglas.
    Mark Thomas, Jan 25, 2009
  13. Annika1980

    Annika1980 Guest

    Well, since you've already paid for the thing and you since you don't
    want it, why not give it to me and I'll try it out?
    Annika1980, Jan 25, 2009
  14. Annika1980

    Annika1980 Guest

    Looks to me that I hit you from right here.

    So why did you crop off part of the bird?
    Annika1980, Jan 25, 2009
  15. Annika1980

    Annika1980 Guest

    Old man, I could tape down the shutter button on my 5D2, toss it in
    the air and take better pics than you.

    No go take some more fugly bride pics for us all to laugh at.
    Annika1980, Jan 25, 2009
  16. Annika1980

    Noons Guest

    That Rich wrote,on my timestamp of 26/01/2009 1:45 AM:
    ROFL! At the rate these morons claim to fill their plonk bins, there is hope
    they'll finally start their own email group and piss off the public ones!
    Noons, Jan 25, 2009
  17. Annika1980

    D.Mac Guest

    From the king of lies, defamation and wrongslander comes the understatement
    of the year.
    The day you actually stop talking with a squeak and apologize for your lies
    hasn't arrived yet, has it Dumbo? What's this "Plonk" thing? New Year
    resolution? Well I guess you won't get to read about me exposing your
    stalking and lies then huh?

    What about the time you announced to the world "The EPA doesn't issue
    photography permits for national parks, liar) referring to me, of course"?

    No apology when I posted the proof.
    If this was an isolated event I'd let it go but you've been posting lies and
    defamation about me for nearly 5 years and never once apologized for it.
    Talk about a gutless swine with no balls... Looked in the mirror lately

    What about the enlargement evidence I sent people?
    Without a clue about it you lied as you defamed me to another poster that
    I'd stitched a group of images together to forge an enlargement? No apology
    for that attack either, was there?

    So go ahead and pick what part of that image I sent that fuckwit Colin
    Donahue who joined in with you to slander me. You're so short in the balls
    area Charlie, you couldn't get 'em to come down if you baited them.

    From D-Mac,
    The man they love to hate!
    D.Mac, Jan 26, 2009
  18. Annika1980

    D.Mac Guest

    Your dick ain't long enough to win a pissing competition with me Bret.

    D.Mac, Jan 26, 2009
  19. Annika1980

    D.Mac Guest

    Hey troll...
    It must be getting lonely for you lately, eh?
    What's a fuckwit like you doing announcing your anti Christian sig was
    stolen? Shit mate if you jerks ever did something right, there'd be a street
    party for ya.

    ROTFL. How stupid are you?
    D.Mac, Jan 26, 2009
  20. Annika1980

    D.Mac Guest

    Get this clear mate...
    Everything I do is better than Brets. That's why he keeps sending me those
    beautiful letters. He loves me!
    D.Mac, Jan 26, 2009
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