Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Annika1980, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Annika1980

    D.Mac Guest

    Bar, bar.
    Never a kelpie around when you need one!
    D.Mac, Jan 26, 2009
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  2. Annika1980

    D.Mac Guest

    Sorry to brag mate but my 600 mm lens isn't a zoom and the bloody bird
    wouldn't fly higher on demand!
    D.Mac, Jan 26, 2009
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  3. Annika1980

    D.Mac Guest

    Oh yeah.
    About 125 million Usenet posters who discuss the topic of the groups they
    post to without making personal attacks on other like you do.

    In fact there are less than a hand full shit brained idiots like you who
    make these groups uncomfortable for real photographers who aren't afraid to
    identify themselves... People you just love to target... It make you a
    genuine troll in the true sense of the word... Something a lot of people are
    now calling you for.

    D.Mac, Jan 26, 2009
  4. Annika1980

    D.Mac Guest

    Hey come on Bret., don't fool yourself.

    That overloaded 486 of yours could hardly run sophisticated software and
    hardware like Mark Thomas gets at Aldi (our equivalent to a backwater
    Wallmart) He really does get amazing results from his CRT screen and that
    gorgeous silver abacus. I hear he uses the old Bronica he can't bear to
    part with but like all his really great shots... We never see any.

    You've seen his happy snaps though... 90% black to conceal his terrible
    composition and crappy little happy snapper artifacts. I guess now his
    site; marktphoto.com is totally trashed, we'll never get to see his
    excellence again.

    These were real gems of photographic excellence... Pity they're gone
    forever. Unlike his lies defamation and slander...

    ">Actually, a couple are keepers, but most of these just didn't quite
    He was a big time wedding photographer in Adelaide (Australia), you know?

    A huge secret he can't talk about for family reasons. Rumor has it he blew
    his mum's insurance on the studio and had to leave town... All
    unsubstantiated but from a reliable source in Port Lincoln... His last home

    If you want some stuff you can handle on that power house of yours, Bret
    ....I've got a copy of Microsoft paint you could probably lean with...

    Until you get good enough to make award winning photos like mine, that is.
    Then you could buy a new screen, maybe even upgrade to a Pentium with the
    winnings. I can send you some old dual core CPU's if it'll help. I just
    upgraded all our PCs and got a new Mac for myself as a Christmas present...
    This colour screen makes a huge difference too. I thought the s5's and the
    D900 were all B&W cameras! Been in weddings too long! LOL.

    Sort of makes those old Canon's even more redundant. Pity about the Nikon
    speedlites though. I've had to buy some new Metz's after taking Rita's
    advise about the SB800/900. He ought to stick to his cell phone snaps and
    leave to advise to those best able to give it.

    Total junk stuff. 12 shots on 20 minutes off. Nikon's answer? Buy a remote
    battery pack. OK 20 shots on half an hour off! Can you imagine?

    I wondered why all the chicks were following me around at last week's
    wedding. I had a spare speedlite in my pocket! LOL.

    ROTFL as always.

    D.Mac, Jan 26, 2009
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