Good macro lens for Sony Alpha A-100???????

Discussion in 'Sony' started by infiniteMPG, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. infiniteMPG

    infiniteMPG Guest

    Just got a little fundage from a side job and now I want to put a
    little into getting back into macro photography with my new Sony Alpha
    A-100 DSLR. I was using a Minolta Z-3 and it did decent macro work as
    the focal range was down to less then an inch and the quality was
    decent. I have a decent Phoenix AF 28-300 and a Minolta AF 28-70 for
    the A-100 but I really want to get in tight. Was looking at the
    18-200mm AF but read a few not-so-good things about the quality but I
    also think this might not be the magnification I am after. I am
    looking at nature stuff, bugs and the sort. Didn't know if I should
    go for macro extension tubes and use one of my existing lenses or try
    to find a decent macro lens. Not talking spending major money on this
    as it's just a hobby, but not even sure what lens to be looking at.
    Not really comfy with the reversers to flip a lens around backwards.

    Any good advice for getting info macro photography with the A-100???

    All help and advice appreciated!
    infiniteMPG, Nov 22, 2007
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  2. The reversing attachments actually work pretty well, within their
    limitations -- you don't get any focusing ability of course, working
    distance is very short and can't be changed, and with Minolta AF lenses
    you'd have to push the diaphragm-opening pin manually, which is awkward to
    say the least and makes any accurate selection of f-stop impossible.

    I have a couple of Minolta macro lenses which I can recommend. One is a
    Sigma 50mm f/2.8 which is really great, extremely sharp and well built, and
    focuses to 1:1. On your Sony A100 of course this will be the equivalent of a
    75mm lens on a 35, so focusing to 1:1 means "better than life size" if you
    want to look at it that way.

    The other is a Vivitar 100mm f/3.5 which is much less expensive, rather
    lightweight and plasticky, but still delivers extremely sharp results. Pop
    Photo had an article on it several years ago and raved about it, comparing
    it to much more expensive macro lenses. It focuses only to 1:2 by itself,
    but comes with a matched two-element supplementary lens that provides
    focusing to 1:1. If you're looking for a bargain macro lens, this is the

    I don't think it's still sold new under the Vivitar name. I *think* the same
    lens was later marketed under the Phoenix name, and may still be available
    as such.

    I'll be selling most or all of my Minolta stuff on eBay when I get around to
    it, since I've now gone almost entirely to Nikon. If you're interested in
    either or both of these and can't find the one you want on sale, let me know
    and I'll put mine up on eBay as soon as I can, where you can see how they
    look, etc. Both are in brand-new condition and in the original boxes.

    Or you can e-mail me at:
    niall801 at hotmail dot com. (Obvious changes to keep the spambots at bay.)

    Neil Harrington, Nov 22, 2007
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  3. infiniteMPG

    infiniteMPG Guest

    Hey Neil,

    Are the lenses you stated fixed focal length or are they zoom lenses?
    And when you stated "It focuses only to 1:2 by itself,
    but comes with a matched two-element supplementary lens that provides
    focusing to 1:1." is this a screw on lens adapter that screws onto the
    filter mount at the front of the lens?

    Thanks for the info,
    infiniteMPG, Nov 27, 2007
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