Good news for Konica-Minolta shooters?

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by no_name, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. no_name

    no_name Guest

    no_name, Apr 24, 2006
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  2. I guess you've never seen a Sony digital camera.
    Randall Ainsworth, Apr 24, 2006
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  3. no_name

    george Guest

    Makes you wonder if the big sellers will be the ones writing to Memory
    Sticks or the ones writing to MD??? I'll bet Sony comes up with some new,
    proprietary, single-source (them) media just for the dslr line. Too bad
    someone else didn't buy the K-M line...maybe Fuji or Kodak or even a
    computer company like HP.
    george, Apr 24, 2006
  4. no_name

    per Guest

    How much do you think the swiss ALPA camera company likes this name?
    About as much as Sony would like a Sonny digital camera brand I reckon?
    per, Apr 24, 2006
  5. It'll be very disappointing if they do, or even if they saddle it with any
    flavor of those pesky Memory Sticks.

    Well, dunno about HP. Fuji would've been all right except then it would
    probably use xD cards -- another solution to a non-existent problem.

    We old Minoltaphiles can only hope for the best, I guess.
    John Falstaff, Apr 24, 2006
  6. no_name

    Mark² Guest

    Isn't the excellent D200 sensor made by Sony?
    Mark², Apr 25, 2006
  7. no_name

    Peter Chant Guest

    And in other news Sony sues ALPA...?????
    Peter Chant, Apr 25, 2006
  8. no_name

    Paul Coen Guest

    Actually, the Minolta AF cameras have been sold in Japan (and some other
    countries in the Asian market) as "Alpha" cameras (just the symbol mark
    on the camera) since their inception. KEH even has a couple of used 7000
    Alpha models right now (among others), which was the original Minolta AF
    camera. So they've been using the name for 21 years. I suspect if ALPA
    was going to complain, they would have done so by now :). If you take a
    look at the pictures on KEH's web site, you can see an original 7000
    film body with an Alpha logo on it.

    It was sold as the Minolta Maxxum 7000 in the US. I think they added the
    "Dynax" name in Europe with the "i" series cameras, and it was the
    "Minolta 7000" in that market before that.
    Paul Coen, Apr 25, 2006
  9. no_name

    george Guest

    I've always shot with Nikons but all my meters are Minolta and one of my
    scanners is THOSE are orphaned products (I fear). Too bad, I
    liked Minolta meters over any other brand and their scanners were Nikon's
    only competition.
    george, Apr 25, 2006
  10. Yes, it doesn't seem likely Sony will go into making those.

    Oh well. Maybe this will make my Auto Meter IV F a valuable collector's
    item. ;-)
    John Falstaff, Apr 25, 2006
  11. no_name

    no_name Guest

    And there's lots of speculation questioning Nikon's future access to
    Sony sensors.

    Pentax is supposed to have a *ist-D2 (or some such) on the way using the
    same chip, much like the D-100 & *ist-D used the same chip.

    Pentax announced a joint venture with Samsung to provide future chip
    technology, with Pentax providing the KAF2 lens-system & optics
    experience, while Samsung provids electronics. Samsung also gets to
    market Pentax's point-'n-shoot digitals under the Samsung brand name.

    Don't know what Nikon is going to do, but I read somewhere that a large
    part of their business is selling chip-manufacturing technology, so
    maybe they'll just buy some of their own equipment and develop the next
    generation in house.
    no_name, Apr 25, 2006
  12. no_name

    jean Guest

    Just because you make hammers does not mean you can build a house ;-)

    jean, Apr 25, 2006
  13. no_name

    no_name Guest

    jean wrote:

    Speaking of hammers, and completely OT, out in left field somewhere, I
    saw a funny TV commercial yesterday.

    Guy's trying to sleep but this banging keeps waking him up. Next thing
    he stalks across to his next door neighbor's house in his pajamas &
    bathrobe, where he finds the neighbor installing wainscoting.

    Guy takes the next board and using some kind of construction adhesive
    glues it to the wall. Then he takes the neighbor's hammer and glues it
    to the ceiling and stalks out, leaving the neighbor standing there kind
    of gawking up at the ceiling.

    Think it was an ad for the glue.
    no_name, Apr 26, 2006
  14. no_name

    mrsgator88 Guest

    It'll be very disappointing if they do, or even if they saddle it with any
    At least memory sticks perform well, unlike xD cards

    mrsgator88, Apr 26, 2006
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