Good Power Supply for Quiet Editing: Seasonic Tornado 300/350/400Wwith 120mm fan

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by David Chien, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. David Chien

    David Chien Guest

    Product Information


    Basically, this baby replaces my older quiet SeaSonic power supply in my
    desktop PC (which didn't have a 120mm fan) and turns the desktop into a
    quiet PC that's much nicer for video and sound editing when you want the
    ambient noise to be as low as possible.

    Quite simply put: The 2.0Ghz Intel P4 stock fan is louder than the
    SeaSonic 300W SuperTornado power supply 120mm fan!

    And, the SeaSonic SuperTornado is inaudible from two feet away in my
    quiet room. Literally have to put my ear 6" or closer to the fan
    exhuast to hear the barest whoosh of air passing through the hexagonal
    exhaust grid.

    Very nice added feature is the full range 100-240v auto-switching
    capability - you'll never have to worry again about accidentally
    plugging in the power supply into the wrong voltage, nor having to worry
    about what happens if your home voltage is a bit higher or lower than

    Highly recommended for anyone building a PC or wanting to replace a
    noisy desktop power supply with a very quiet one.
    David Chien, Sep 25, 2003
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  2. David Chien

    Dohhh!!! Guest

    I have found while trying to build quiet PCs that the single largest source of
    noise has become the fan on higher end video cards. They are small,
    high-pitched, whining, little SOB's with poor bearings, and they get noisier
    with every week of operation.
    Dohhh!!!, Sep 25, 2003
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