Goodmans GDVD300R (Domestic DVD set top recorder) - request for opinions please

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by reply_to_never_seen, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. Dear all

    [This has been posted to both and to
    get a good range of views]

    Goodman's GDVD300R (Domestic DVD set top recorder) - request for opinions

    I am considering purchase of a DVD recorder - for home use and no fancy
    editing planned on the resulting DVD disk.

    My local MACRO's is doing a special on them at a price which makes me want to
    buy one BUT as always you get what you pay for !!. I have used a goodman GD4
    freeview box an have been satisfied at the quality of its output

    (Yes I don't work in the recording industry on the engineering side but my
    background is radar so I understand things like db signal levels and
    bandwidths and frequency responses)

    Other points - my partner has to be able to operate this on her own - without
    a panic / hissy fit / or major international incident occurring so is the
    manual easily understood OR at least is simple recording and channel
    selection shown on screen

    (1) In this case can I expect reasonable domestic quality using multi times
    recordable cheapish DVD's (one pound per recordable DVD)

    (2) The DVD standard used is DVD +R and DVD +RW - is the lack of DVD -R and
    -RW support a significant disadvantage ?

    (4) I assume that I can PLAY pre-recorded DVD's (from blockbusters for
    example) back out to my TV but is this actually correct ?

    Thanking you for your views - and as always in a fast moving industry should I
    wait for a better/different model to come along and if so which


    P.S. The reply to address is for spam collectors - try reply_to (at)
    big foot com if you need to contact me
    reply_to_never_seen, Jan 11, 2005
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