Got <140 bit DR Image?

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by BradGuth, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. BradGuth

    BradGuth Guest

    What exactly do you have against utilizing terrific dynamic range and
    bandpass optical filters?

    ~ BG
    BradGuth, Feb 5, 2009
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  2. BradGuth

    Mr.T Guest

    Nothing, I do like to keep discussions to what is physically possible in
    this universe however.
    And the maths could at least be correct.

    Mr.T, Feb 5, 2009
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  3. BradGuth

    BradGuth Guest

    In that case a 200 DR imager and as much ADC plus quality optics that
    you and I can afford is technically doable. After all, we're talking
    about imaging a very nearby exoplanet with moons the size of Earth.

    Even the 100 DR imager with a 16 bit ADC shouldn't be all that far
    from the nearest Walmart.

    ~ BG
    BradGuth, Feb 5, 2009
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