Graphics/Pen Tablets

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Stan, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Stan

    Stan Guest

    New to Photoshop CS4 - looking at graphics tablets, any
    suggestions/recommendations as to suitable equipment available in Australia
    and ballpark pricing?
    Stan, Jul 30, 2009
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  2. Stan

    Voivod Guest

    If it's not a Wacom you're wasting your money.
    Voivod, Jul 30, 2009
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  3. Stan

    Stan Guest

    Thanks for that Voivod, what size is required? I've no idea what the
    correlation is between tablet size and screen size. Is it a question of "big
    is better"?
    Stan, Jul 31, 2009
  4. Stan

    Voivod Guest

    There's no 'required' size. Head to a store, check them out, buy the one
    that suits your needs. Not being you I have no idea what you plan on
    doing with a tablet or even if you know why you want one. Did you even
    bother to Google for Wacom and check out their products?
    Voivod, Jul 31, 2009
  5. Stan

    Stan Guest

    Thanks for that Voivod, what size is required? I've no idea what the
    Yes I did but that did not give me any idea as to what is the best size unit
    to use with Photshop CS4 (which was mentioned in my original post).
    As for heading to a store I have yet to find one that has them in stock so
    that I can check them out as you suggest.
    Stan, Jul 31, 2009
  6. Stan

    tony cooper Guest

    Neither screen size nor editing program determine what size tablet you
    need. What you intend to do with the tablet does. If you intend to
    use the table to draw and create artwork, you'll be better off with a
    large tablet. If you intend to use the tablet as a more precise
    mouse, a small tablet is sufficient.

    I use mine as a precision mouse with editing software. When painting
    a layer mask in Photoshop or outlining a selection, it is more precise
    than a mouse or trackball. I keep it plugged in all the time, but use
    it only when doing precision editing. The small Wacom Bamboo works
    fine for this.
    tony cooper, Jul 31, 2009
  7. Stan

    Stan Guest

    Thanks Tony
    That is the sort of information/guidance that I was looking for, I'm not an
    artist, just can't get the required degree of accuracy when
    selecting/masking with a mouse.
    Stan, Jul 31, 2009
  8. Stan

    tony cooper Guest

    Then the Wacom Bamboo will be ideal. It doesn't take up much room on
    your desk and works fine for selections. I keep a trackball (my
    primary device), a regular mouse, and the tablet connected at all
    times and can switch from one to the other. The Bamboo is available
    on-line for $60/$100.
    tony cooper, Jul 31, 2009
  9. Stan

    Voivod Guest

    Great advice for someone who doesn't even understand what he's looking
    for.... idiot.
    Voivod, Jul 31, 2009
  10. Stan

    Dave Guest

    Stan for some or another reason people are advertising Wacom without
    (many of) them ever tried anything else. Your posting is nearly a
    week old, but for in case you didn't buy yet, I am using 6" X 8"
    Genius, and I do with it what any Wacom user are doing with theirs.

    Originally, in my country (or my hometown which is Durban) I could not
    get Wacom. Now, I can even buy them from the café on the corner
    (exaggerated of course:) but keep on enjoying my Genius. As said,
    6" X 8" is quite a handy size.

    Dave, Aug 6, 2009
  11. Stan

    Voivod Guest

    I do ever so love the assumptions people make.
    Voivod, Aug 6, 2009
  12. Stan

    Dave Guest

    Surprise Voivod, this was not meant to be an attack on you. This was
    very generally speaking. I find it strange never to hear anyone using
    or complimenting any other tabled than Wacom. Wacom seem to have hit
    Europe and the Americas like a storm. And I believe it is a wonderful
    tablet to use.

    But, so is Genius. And, I read reviews when I could not lay my hands
    on Wacom, and it seem to be the only difference I could pick up, is my
    pen does not have an eraser installed on it. I have to use the menu
    there for.

    Admitted, maybe at some or another stage, I will buy Wacom.
    Price is also a factor. Genius is more affordable. Like a Toyota
    which is cheaper than Merc, but take you just as far. The seating as
    just as soft but maybe the speed is bit slower. But I go with my Toyo
    just as far as you with you Merc:)
    Dave, Aug 6, 2009
  13. Stan

    Voivod Guest

    When I was looking for a tablet I asked the crazy talented artists at what they were using, with one exception they all
    recommended Wacom citing compatibility, durability and features. The one
    exception, I don't recall what tablet they used, said they had problems
    with pressure sensitivity, connection issues and would only recommend it
    because it was cheaper than the Wacom at the time.
    Voivod, Aug 6, 2009
  14. Stan

    Morton Guest

    Hi Dave,

    I am considering buying a Genius G-Pen M712 Graphics Tablet but the
    main drawback is the pen. It requires a battery. Usually this means that
    the pen at some point in time will break at a weak point where the top goes
    into the bottom part. How long have you been using your Genius and have
    you had any problems of this nature with the pen?


    Morton, Aug 6, 2009
  15. Stan

    Dave Guest

    True, they are people with more experience than myself. So a guy
    should depend on what they say. When I say, Genius, price is playing
    a role as well. Anyway, the questioners should read reviews, which
    is important.
    Dave, Aug 6, 2009
  16. Stan

    Dave Guest

    Hi Morton,

    Sorry for this late reply:)

    I am using my tablet about three years now, and have the 3rd battery
    installed in the pen. AAA size rechargeable battery, and never had any
    problems with either the pen or the tablet.

    A cordless mouse was included which is laying on my desk untouched,
    because it is to be used on the tablet to be effective, and I want
    lots of more space for the mouse.

    I repeat my words said to Voivod when I said I am sure the Wacom is a
    very special package but, if price is also a factor, you can do with
    Genius whatever you can do with Wacom. Maybe Wacom have a luxury or
    two extra (not sure if it is so) but, you can get just as far with a
    cheaper vehicle, as I said.

    And Morton, a 6" X 8" tablet is so comfortable.

    Dave, Aug 6, 2009
  17. Stan

    Morton Guest

    Thanks for your reply.

    Morton, Aug 6, 2009
  18. Stan

    Morton Guest

    Just completed a couple of projects with the above.

    Everyone satisfied with the proofs I produced. But then
    I do it for free for a local charity! The printer, I am told, was
    also happy.

    Well worth the outlay. A bit slow at some things but not
    a problem.

    Thanks again.

    Morton, Aug 27, 2009
  19. Stan

    Dave Guest

    And a thank you from my side as well, Morton, for the report back:)
    Now, you'll understand why it kind of upset me when people, without
    any experience with other Graphic Tablets, teach novices only about
    Wacom. This is kind of like people thinking London is England.

    Thanks for your thanks
    May you have wonderful times with your Genius Graphics Tablet:)

    Dave, Aug 27, 2009
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