Hanging PVR with Leadtek TV tuner 2000XP Expert at splash screen on win98SE

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Libor Striz, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. Libor Striz

    Libor Striz Guest

    Hello, I am working hard with this for a week.
    Thank in advance for any valuable advice.....

    My LeadTek PVR application with Win98SE
    almost always hangs at splash screen when launching,
    no matter what I did against it.
    PVR stops responding acc. to ctrl-alt-del.
    OS does NOT hang.
    Task manager shows 0.00%CPU time for WFTV app.
    Easily resume is done by user logoff/login.
    (the app seemes to like such a shutdown more then common ctrl-alt-del
    procedure )
    But it launches well WITHOUT drivers ( no TV :) )

    HARDWARE in the play:

    MB-i440ZX based Zida Tomato board ZX98-CU, Celeron 600/66MHZ Coppermine,
    192MB SDRAM, NVidia RIVA TNT2 M64 AGP card
    IDE 20GB disk, Artec CDROM primary slave,
    LG GCC 4480B CDRW/DVD combo secondary master,
    Free PCI slot 1 ( near to AGP port )
    Realtek chip based network card at PCI slot 2
    Leadtek 2000XP Expert TV tuner card at PCI slot 3
    Avance Logic 3000? sound card at PCI slot 4

    - Bios was AFAIK originally set to: Plug and Play OS aware : YES,
    but I have later set it to NO - as recommended in BIOS manual
    like fail-safe option.

    - Note that DOS/Windows HW detecting utilities ALWAYS detect the card,
    - So does Device manager with installed drivers tells all is working
    (btw not sure it is formal or if it perform real HW tests )
    - I have chacked IRQ conflict by DOS/windows hwinfo - nothing there,
    but I see have forgotten to check also in windows.

    Win98SE, at start DX8.1, nvidia driver 650( old, but often
    recommended by TNT2 users )
    Antivir avast 4 home
    Kerio personal firewall 4.0.11 (KPF)
    On install CD: PVR version x.x.x.28 ( around Dec2003 ? )
    Driver x.x.x.1306(?) - cca from 17/11/03

    - Canceled KPF autolaunching
    - Suppesed avir check when installing
    - DX9.0b from CD as recommended
    Note that both dxdiag tests for 8.1 or 9.0b passed succesfully
    - latest Nvidia driver 53.04
    - latest driver(whql-12/2/04?-x.x.x.3301?), cheated by replacing CAT
    by old 4bit-text ones to work, because with original driver
    installation hangs
    - latest PVR app x.x.x.40
    - switched BIOS PnP OS aware option as mentioned
    - many (un)instals between
    - different way of driver installation
    -default by CD
    -Following found new hardware
    -Control Panel - add new hardware
    - different ways of PVR application
    -default by CD
    -install from CD PVR directory
    -install new downloaded one
    -install from CD WinfastTV directory
    some big SFX one like WFTVALL.exe

    - Replacing PS/2 Mouse by old serial one, disabling BIOS PS2 support
    to save PS2 IRQ channel, if IRQ sharing does metter...

    - Once I have thought about what PVR would do when I remove drivers by
    Device Manager.
    I have run PVR, it displayed info about missing drivers, went through
    and worked ( except TV :) )
    - It *seems* the success probability is little higher
    with prior FM launching
    FM channel switching
    and mouse TV button switching to PVR, but not much.

    It is very, very seldom to launch PVR more then once in evening..

    -IT is about my one week lasting evening home work.

    - But when I am happy and launch passes through, recording and time
    shifting works
    even on my old poor Celeron 600MHz with low quality settings.
    But I may not to exit.....
    Libor Striz, Feb 24, 2004
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  2. Libor Striz

    Libor Striz Guest

    According to web forum that I did not know when posting,
    there is a solution: disable crossbar device
    in Control panel - system - device manager - sound,videogames drivers.

    It is said not possible to switch mono,stereo, dual.
    Libor Striz, Feb 25, 2004
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  3. Libor Striz

    Tony Guest

    I have my VCR and TV hooked to the GF4600 VIVO card, it will do this when
    both are active (TV Out and Video In)
    Tony, Feb 25, 2004
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