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Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Tom from WI, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Tom from WI

    Tom from WI Guest

    Some of you have been ragging on Helen Oster, the Adorama Camera Customer
    Service Ambassador. When she commented on my "Unhappy with Adorama" note
    above, she asked me to send her further information on my trade with the
    Adorama Used Department. I sent her a note summarizing the trade at 11PM
    Pacific Time Sunday night. I received a response from her at 11:20PM. This
    morning, at 11AM Pacific, I received a call from the person I had been
    dealing with at Adorama. We had a long discussion of the process of the
    trade with the net result of Adorama increasing the offer that they
    previously made and sending an additional check for the difference.

    I'll give Adorama an A+ for customer service! And a thank you to Helen for
    dealing with my complaint.

    Tom from WI, Sep 7, 2009
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  2. Good to hear.

    In the final analysis, customer service, regardless of product
    category and class, only becomes an issue when there's a problem. Or
    a perceived problem. It doesn't matter how many times things go well
    at a business, or for a customer. It's not even how many times
    things go poorly at a business, or for a customer. It's how the
    business responds to the problem that determines the depth and
    breadth of customer service.

    Here is a case that could have simply been dropped and both
    parties could have moved on. Albeit with bad feelings for at least
    one. But Adorama chose to investigate the complaints, and rethink
    the matter of the complaint.

    With satisfactory outcome for the customer.

    The way it should be.
    D. Peter Maus, Sep 8, 2009
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  3. Actually, we made good because an individual member of the customer
    service team had a lapse in judgement, and made a decision which was
    counter to Adorama's procedures. Had Tom contacted me directly there
    would have been exactly the same outcome.

    We hope the fact that we do care enough about our customers to post in
    this forum reinforces your belief that Adorama is a good company that
    deserves your business.

    Life is all about learning and none of us are perfect; what matters is
    what we do next. We hope that our apology is accepted in the spirit in
    which it is made.


    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador



    Things like these happen. I have always considered KEH very honest,
    but on the basis of a 'phone offer, I sent in a Pentax 6x7 and three
    GEAR CONDITION (and where and how to look for the most minor
    flaws)!!! The three lenses were truly in unused/mint condition (as in
    NO marks of any kind anywhere, perfect mechanics, and totally clear
    glass - which I check carefully by having the sun go through it [from
    each ends, while moving the lens around and viewing the glass off-axis
    of the sun path]). The body had a few slight "ticks" along the rear bottom
    edge ONLY (as I described on the 'phone). Much to my surprise, the
    "real" offer upon receipt of the gear was far lower than first offered. The
    claim was that the lenses were "fogged"... I realized later that as a favor
    to KEH, I had left on all the Tiffen filters, and these are notorious for
    "self-fogging" - and I hadn't cleaned them and they hadn't bothered
    to check the lenses without them. When informed of this, they upped the
    offer some (with the intervention of a friend), but it was still so unattractive
    that I took the gear back and sold it locally for a good price. Otherwise,
    I had been quite satisfied with my dealings with KEH (but only with
    purchases from them...).
    David Ruether, Sep 9, 2009
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