Happy Ball Drop to All !!!

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by William D. Tallman, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. Or whatever your preferred interannual ceremony might be....


    Bill Tallman
    William D. Tallman, Jan 1, 2004
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  2. William D. Tallman

    Patrick L. Guest

    Don't know about you, pal, but my balls dropped a mighty long time ago.

    Patrick L., Jan 1, 2004
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  3. William D. Tallman

    Lewis Lang Guest

    Subject: Happy Ball Drop to All !!!
    Why thank you, Bill, and a very happy testicle descension day to you and yours
    too ;-). ;-)

    If the ball rises do I get to play a Bee Gee or am I simply living in Bizarro
    world where time runs backwards and Martha Stewart decides to buy IMCLONE stock
    before it tanks. Is George Costanza married? Can Elaine Benis dance? Did the
    Mets win the '96 World Series? If I scratch my under arms, will it stop jock
    itch? Do The Beatles (some magically back from the dead) decide to get back
    together as a musical group and sue their Walruses?

    Ok, I won't doddle anymore and so I'll conclude this post in order to get the
    policeman's other ball rolling. Strange, I have a sudden urge to go to a
    bowling alley and wear shoes two sizes too large or too small for my feet while
    practicing an arcane form of mathematics on a sheet of paper that looks like a
    bad version of Excelâ„¢ whilst carefully, yet oh so effortlessly swinging a ball
    right down the center of the lane... of the person's alley next door and...
    getting a gutter ball on their lane.

    Never mind me, just in a state of insomnia, don't suggest meds as there hasn't
    been one (or a thousand) invented yet that could handle or even decipher what
    I've got a need for... other than sleeeeeeeeeeppppppp.

    And back in 1917 when I was an infrantry man doing janitorial work on the Space
    Lewis Lang, Jan 1, 2004
  4. William D. Tallman

    Lewis Lang Guest

    Subject: Re: Happy Ball Drop to All !!!
    "When duty calls... you've got Balls!" ;-) LOL

    - From one of the Pink Panther Films
    Lewis Lang, Jan 1, 2004
  5. William D. Tallman

    Alan Browne Guest

    Hi Bill (Can't see your OP, so hijacking Lewis' post)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO!!! All the best.

    And since I'm hijacking Lewis' thread, Happy New Year Lewis!

    Alan Browne, Jan 1, 2004
  6. Lewis Lang wrote:



    So I'm sitting here reading a thread on astrophotography, and the wife asks
    if we're going to watch the Times Square ceremony, aka The Ball Drop, where
    for nearly a century, a huge glittering ball has descended from 1 Times
    Square during the last minute of the year.

    Not thinking, I posted my note, and then realized that everyone not in the
    US would inevitably take another meaning. And, of course, so you have!!

    Master of ceremonies once again was the venerable youth, Dick Clark, who had
    "real time" communication with the ceremony in California, also conducted
    in "real time". It's one of the few times every year when the laws of
    physics are suspended and the US becomes a single time zone.

    To my knowledge, however, the ball has never risen; the laws of physics can
    only be stretched so far by gratuitous East Coast technology. It takes the
    genius (pharmacology?) of the West Coast to turn things around. The
    Governator of California has demonstrated that the future of humanity (in
    that universe) may once again be headed towards knuckledraggery.

    Happily, I awoke at the last moment a few years ago and discovered my
    sojourn in California had lasted thirty years too long, and now enjoy the
    foggy ambiance of the north shore of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington
    state. Here, the locals are unsure about the proper direction of the arrow
    of time; the locals want to return to the past and the incoming flood of
    retirees wish to grasp the last vestiges of their storied youth. The
    problem is that they cannot agree as to the exact direction of reversed
    time. Lot's of fun to watch... <grin>

    I think I'm watching the struggles of a generation that subconsciously
    embraced the "follow the bouncing ball" ritual of television (and movie
    theatre) renown. They're never sure whether its rising or falling, and
    even more unsure whether whatever direction they perceive is proper. But
    so it goes, I guess.

    In any case, let us hope that, wherever the ball decides to head off this
    coming year, we all manage to profit somehow. My calculations indicate
    that there are indeed enough electrons in the universe that as many as wish
    may capture their images at the great inconvenience of vast hosts thereof.
    On the other hand, there are still atoms of silver that have yet to
    experience the thrill of participating in a photon driven ion exchange, and
    we should be remiss if we denied them all the opportunity.

    Back to you, Lewis!

    Bill Tallman
    William D. Tallman, Jan 1, 2004
  7. <dopplering whistle>

    Well, that was fun. Shirl, go back up the the roof and we'll do it again!
    Martin Francis, Jan 1, 2004
  8. William D. Tallman

    Lewis Lang Guest

    Subject: Re: Happy Ball Drop to All !!!
    "Security! S-E-C-U-R-I-TY? Sec-cuuur-itttt-teeee!", LOL. Happy New Year to you
    Alan and y'alllllllllzzzzzzzz out there in cyberland too.

    Regardless of which brand camera(s) you use (but we all know that Minolta,
    Pentax, MF Nikons and Contax Leica, Olympus, Canon EOS (Elans and 600
    series/despite the shutter break/bumper problems), Konica (anyone remember the
    FT-1?), Mamiya (Sekor), Topcon, Rollei (200F not their SL35 pieces of crap),
    etc. are the best,
    Lewis Lang, Jan 2, 2004
  9. William D. Tallman

    Lewis Lang Guest

    Subject: Re: Happy Ball Drop to All !!!
    Hi Bill:

    Are you bouncing that "back to you, Lewis" ball to me or are you waiting for it
    to either descend or go back up/in time until it desires to retire in
    Washington state? Every bouncing ball must come from California, their motto is
    "...I'll be back!" ;-)

    Lewis Lang, Jan 2, 2004
  10. LOL!!! Good'un!!

    This bouncing ball managed to land splat but happy on the south shore of the
    Straight of Juan de Fuca... <grin>

    The Governator has declared that he has a mandate from the people and he's
    going to clean the financial house, whether or not the legislature wants in
    on the action! It'll be interesting to watch what is kept and what is
    tossed out; it's all too likely that some of what gets tossed are indeed
    the "bouncing balls", whether or not disguised as such.

    Of all the ridiculous patents for perpetual motion machines, there are a few
    that do work, and one of those is that class of "bouncing balls". Somehow,
    they manage to continue to pop up perpetually, despite any intention to the
    contrary. Thing is, the Governator's political power base has the patents
    on that class of "bouncing balls"; we know them better as "pigs returning
    to the trough", I expect.

    But then, the Governator is sooooo photogenic, is he not? (Sop to
    topicality here....)

    Bill Tallman
    William D. Tallman, Jan 2, 2004
  11. William D. Tallman

    Lewis Lang Guest

    Subject: Re: Happy Ball Drop to All !!!
    We'll see how well Arnold does. Who knows, he might intimidate the trough
    mongers and the back pocket dippers. Wouldn't want his job, though regardless
    of photogenics/etc. Hope he is able to help KAAAHHHLLEEEFORNEEEYA (sorry,
    Arnold, I couldn't resist ;-) :)).

    Lewis Lang, Jan 3, 2004
  12. Lewis Lang wrote:


    Thing is, he has absolutely nothing to lose! He's not a politician, but a
    very successful actor/producer/businessman. His image is Teflon, as no-one
    actually expects him to be able to do anything. His election was a massive
    rejection of politics-as-usual in California and fair notice to the pols in
    Sacramento as well. Or so it seems to me.

    If he does go ahead and pull emergency powers rank, it'll be entirely in
    keeping with both his character and caricature (roles image), as a "get it
    done" individual. All he's spending is the political good-will of his own
    in-group, and fully half of those ain't GOP!

    It'd probably be entertaining, at the least, to look up his speeches to date
    and see what he's had to say, and then look to see what the commentary has
    been about what he's done so far. Think I will.

    Ahhh... ummmm... well, today it snowed here for the first time and the temp
    has dropped below freezing, so it's hanging around. I must admit, however,
    that I didn't grab a film camera, as I don't expect to be going out for a
    few days. Canon G2 in hand, I did go and record the scene before the sun
    went away again. Does that count as topicality?



    Bill Tallman
    William D. Tallman, Jan 3, 2004
  13. William D. Tallman

    Lewis Lang Guest

    Subject: Re: Happy Ball Drop to All !!!

    You should know by now that all mentions of 35mm gear, especially, film gear
    are off topic for this gropu --- now tell us about your latest greatest plastic
    wunderkind digital P&S w/ its Lexar media or cars or any other of the half
    dozen pieces of crap that pass for topicality on this group ;-), LOL.


    Lewis Lang, Jan 3, 2004
  14. Yes....It snowed about 6" here in Salem, OR last Sunday, and again a couple
    of nights later, and it has been on the ground ever since. I am snowed in,
    since my wife has the 4-wheel drive down in California. I took lots of
    pretty pics of the snow, but after living out of tin cans for a week, I am
    getting desperate for some fresh food. I think I will rig my camera up to
    take pictures of myself during the final hours with my hand stretched out
    toward the refrigerator door......"Injin Joe style".
    William Graham, Jan 3, 2004
  15. William D. Tallman

    MG Guest

    6" of snow and you are marooned? We got 7.5" just before Christmas and it
    was business as usual.

    MG, Jan 4, 2004
  16. William D. Tallman

    Alan Browne Guest

    ....cripes, we had 16" the week before X-mas and the 95% probable
    freezing rain w/i 2 days of X-mas as usual... none of this was
    considered unusual... hasn't been cold yet, only -10C so far... and
    it's a balmy 1C right now.

    (I had dinner the other night with a friend who lives in Hawaii...
    astrophysicist. Works sub-millimeterwave. He was ecstatic over their
    new 24 x 16 pixel imager...(384 pixels) ... has to cool it to 300 milli-K )

    Grocery store was closed for X-mas day and New Years day and I did panic
    as I didn't have fresh baguette...

    Alan Browne, Jan 4, 2004
  17. Well, the postman seems to be getting through the frozen slush OK, so I
    ordered a 12oz jar of caviar through mail order.....I can't wait for it to
    William Graham, Jan 4, 2004
  18. Lewis Lang wrote:


    Ummm... well... hmmmm..... <blush>

    You see, I've got this Oregon Scientific DSHOT 3 that I picked up for $40US
    a while back, and after tinkering with it a few minutes, I discovered the
    thing actually worked! What a charming piece of clap-trap! Cardboard box
    inside a plastiform see-through container that required a PhD in userland
    material science to remove. Inside the box was an eggcarton quality
    pulp-form container with a wee camera in a black plastic case. Takes 2 AA
    batteries, Smart Media card, and has a 1.3 Mpxl sensor.

    And then I tried to use it for its intended purpose: pictures of my wife's
    first quilt, along with closeups of each square. Fagiddaboutit!!!! It was
    obvious that I wasn't about to put images of that quality up for her
    friends to view!!! I mean, good lord, I've got my pride, dontchaknow....
    lol!!! So it was sitting up over my computer hutch along with the other
    toys and knick knacks, and I just spotted it... <sigh> Took it down, put
    some batteries in it, took a few snaps, and then remembered that I'd have
    to reboot to winders to retrieve the images. Not!!! Removed new
    batteries, back in the box with it!!! LOL!!

    It ain't Lexar (not a Hexar either). Well, how about this: Also sitting up
    on the hutch is an Agfa Isolette 1 with a Watameter rangefinder in the
    accessory shoe, and sitting beside it is a Sekonic Auto-Lumi (made in
    Taiwan) selenium light meter. Camera's not plastic, but the light meter

    Best I can do without getting up outa the chair.....

    Bill Tallman
    William D. Tallman, Jan 5, 2004
  19. William D. Tallman

    Lewis Lang Guest

    Subject: Re: Happy Ball Drop to All !!!
    OK, you almost made it this time, Bill, but you forgot to mention cars... What
    make and model does your Agfa Isolette drive and does it come w/ a sun roof?
    How many MPG (MegaPixels to the Gallon) does it get? Is it a hybrid or does it
    run on perpetual motion, like this thread ;-) ;-), LOL.

    Lewis Lang, Jan 5, 2004
  20. Lewis Lang wrote:

    Oh damn! Sorry... The Agfa Isolette 1 drives a BMW licensed prototype of
    the Italian Iso Isetta, dontchaknow.... IIRC, the later model Agfa
    Isolettes gathered post-production and confirmed that choice by purchasing
    a production BMW Isetta, that had to have been in the mid fifties, if
    memory serves. Some did come with sun roofs, though.

    I hear that the latest Agfas, the Photo Genies, etc have decided they like
    the recent BMW C1. It's not an Isetta, but neither are the Agfas. Seems
    like a decent match, however: a sleek-looking blue Photo Genie in a red
    C1... pretty racy combination, dontcha think... MPG? dunno, the digital
    mileage is being held as proprietary information, I gather....

    Bill Tallman
    William D. Tallman, Jan 5, 2004
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