Hardware recommendations for Premier compatibility

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by Jackson, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. Jackson

    Jackson Guest

    I'm asking for recommendations for high end hardware set-ups using Adobe
    Premier and possibly Matrox RT2500.

    I built a system for this use about a year ago, Asus A7V333 Raid mobo, 2x
    125 MB hard drives for AV work etc etc, but I have some sort of hardware

    If I add a title or any work which needs rendered then Premier may report a
    "disk full" error after a very slow attempt to render (I can judge by the
    speed of progress bar whether or not it is going to fail) If you try for
    what would be the third successive fail, the program will just vanish from
    the screen and task menu without any warning. Up to now I have been
    exporting to tape but I am thoroughly peeved now as I want to export some
    projects as .AVI files and the crash without warning happens every time
    after about 30 seconds of rendering.

    I have also noticed this problem when using Photoshop and resizing a large
    file so it seems to be specific to Adobe.

    All my scratch settings are set correctly and Matrox are unable to suggest a
    fix and I know Adobe have compatibility issues with some boards but they
    have not tested the one I'm using.

    I am looking to probably build a new system and would like hardware
    recommendations for fast board which users are using without problems.

    Thanks in advance

    Jackson, Oct 22, 2003
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