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Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by PT, Mar 20, 2005.

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    [originally posted in rec.video.desktop, but after reading
    uk.rec.rec.video.digitals description it seems more appropiate here]

    Im helping my father setup a computer, which most demanding tasks would be
    video editing in Pinnacle Studio 9 and MPEG2 encoding in general.
    I dont know that much about video editing, so i thought id ask for some tips

    As for the CPU/mobo, im tied between a P4 Prescott 540(3.2Ghz) w/ Abit AA8
    DuraMax mboo and a AMD64(winchester core) 3200+ w/ A8N-SLI Deluxe
    motherboard(its surprisingly cheap here in denmark, its costs less than most
    standard nforce3Ultra based offerings). Im wondering a bit if buying a PCI
    Express based system is overkill, but i hate buying stuff that wont be
    easily upgraded later.

    In both scenarios i plan for 2x512MB memory DDR/DDR2 and a X300SE, X300 or
    X600Pro graphics card(there isnt much difference in price).

    As for Intel vs. AMD, im aware that the Intel CPU is probably slightly
    faster for video encoding, but its also slightly more expensive, and im
    worried that special 64-bit versions of various video software might come
    along and change all that in the near future. Besides this, i dont like that
    the Prescott is known to run so hot. Feedback would be appreciated....

    However, most important to figure out is the storage setup. My father will
    need lots of space as just one of his many projects covers 18 or so miniDV
    tapes(he will keep the miniDV tapes so storage reliability isnt that big a
    deal). I was thinking 2x250GB SATA Hitachi 2K750 in RAID0(both mobo's above
    offer RAID). Unfortunately this doesnt really leave money to have a
    dedicated system drive, which i know is a common recommendation for video
    So i guess what im asking is which will be faster: a 36GB SATA Raptor as
    system drive and a 250GB SATA HD as capture/editing drive or 2x250GB in
    RAID0. Obviously im leaning towards the RAID as it will provide speedup in
    general usage and not only in video-editing scenarios, as well as more space
    in general. Of course ideally the system drive would be a Raptor RAID, but
    thats just too expensive ;)

    One could probably save something by going with the AGP based VIA K8T800 Pro
    chipset w/ RAID and a very cheap gfx card, in fact going this way might
    save nearly enough for either a Raptor system drive OR an extra +1GB of RAM,
    but would degrade general system performance a bit. Going with an nforce3
    board with RAID wont save any cash to my surprise, its just as expensive as
    the nforce4SLI.

    Btw, please dont provide price advice, as i live in Denmark, so US/UK offers
    are useless to me :)

    Thanks alot.
    PT, Mar 20, 2005
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