Has anyone used the RRS BH-40?

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Terry, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Terry

    Terry Guest

    I am considering using the RRS BH-40 ball head with my 20D. The BH-55 gets
    great reviews. the 40 is lighter and cheaper. Combined weight of my
    camera, flash, and lens is under five lbs. I just wonder about the BH-40
    for durability. The RRS website mentions that the ball is hollow. Nobody
    has a review of the darn thing. Any first hand experience out there?
    Terry, Jan 5, 2006
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  2. Terry

    C J Southern Guest

    I use the BH55 on my 20D and it's great - can't fault it. They recommend the
    BH40 for the 20D and I've no doubts that it would work perfectly as well.

    The only thing I don't like about ball heads in general is if you want to
    tilt without mucking up the leveling it's a bit hit and miss.

    C J Southern, Jan 5, 2006
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