Having driver problems getting my new Epson 3170 Photo image scanner to install

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by Idris Alooma, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. Idris Alooma

    Idris Alooma Guest

    I paid $213.00 for my first scanner yesterday at Staples. It wasn't an
    EPSON 3170 Photo scanner yesterday because it has very high
    resolution and does all the things that I need.

    However when I installed it the installation went ok, but when I clicked
    on it to run it, it keeps asking for

    The file "usbscan.sys" on Windows Professional CDROM is needed"

    Unfortunately Windows XP doesn't support EPSON Scanners so that file is
    not on the CDROM.

    There is a file by that name on the EPSON install CDROM.

    When I try and use it I get this message.


    The software you are installing for this hardware

    EPSON Perfection 3170

    has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify it's compatibility with
    Windows XP.

    Continuing your installation with this software may impair, or
    destabilize the correct operation of your system. Either immediately,
    or in the near future.

    Microsoft recommends that you stop the installation now!

    I went ahead and told it to continue and my system locked up and failed
    to boot for the next two hours. Finally I figured out how to get it back
    up and working. Then I un-installed the software and reinstalled it with
    every other program shutdown. I still get the same message.

    I went to www.EPSON.com and didn't find any answers there. No one will
    be working there until Tuesday because of the holiday. I had really
    hoped to get it working this evening.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of how to overcome what appears to be a
    fatal error in this EPSON product?

    Can I use other software beside the EPSON brand that shipped with the
    scanner? Can I get around that driver problem by using different
    software? Or is that something that strictly has to do with the scanner
    itself and using other software won't fix it?

    Thanx in Advance

    Idris Alooma, Sep 1, 2003
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  2. Idris Alooma

    Pam Guest

    Pam, Sep 1, 2003
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  3. Idris Alooma

    Idris Alooma Guest

    Thanks Pam,

    Yes I believe I downloaded and installed the one below. It was the only
    thing there to download. I'm not sure if it pertained to my problem or

    In any case, the scanner still gives the same message. Was there a
    special place I had to put those files? Or does it know to seek out the
    EPSON subdirectory and install the information there automatically?

    This is really frustrating. EPSON is closed to day also. so it will be
    three days the scanner sits here looking great, but not doing anything
    other than powering up OK. :))

    It seems like this is a fairly recent printer so I just don't understand
    the problem.

    Should I switch to PaperPort 8.0 software? Would that make a difference?

    Idris Alooma, Sep 1, 2003
  4. Idris Alooma

    Pam Guest

    If you executed the file and it installed, it should install itself in the
    proper directory. Did you uninstall the version you got with the scanner
    before using the updated driver? If not, go back and uninstall everything
    and then try reinstalling the new one. I'm not familiar with how Epson says
    to set up that particular scanner so can't be to specific about the how
    to's. You're right, it is a newer model and therefore should work with XP.
    I'm also not familiar with the Paperport so don't want to say anything
    there. Sorry.

    It's a shame but you may have to wait till their tech support is working.
    Pam, Sep 2, 2003
  5. Idris Alooma

    John Legg Guest

    i would just take it back and say it doesnt work, and if you have the
    receipt they might give u a new one.
    John Legg, Sep 26, 2003
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